Fans were delighted to see the headlines this morning as Blossom Entertainment officially released a statement regarding news and updates about Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo’s upcoming wedding this October.

Wih the wedding just a few days away (set for October 31st, Halloween), the lovely couple have been busier than ever preparing all the last minute and final details. After releasing pictures of their wedding invitation, fans are awaiting more exclusive coverage and even the release of their wedding photos which were taken in LA, California.

In order to satisfy the demanding appetites of fans’, Blossom Entertainment released this official statement on October 23rd. “Nothing is confirmed about the couple’s wedding and honeymoon except the fact that Ock Joo Hyun is singing the congratulatory song. There can be a change in plans so we will have to wait and see this week.” 

Their agency released more statements due to the false news spreading from Korean entertainment site ‘Sports DongA. The site reported information on who would be attending their wedding, that a member from classic but retired girl group Fin K.L would be performing at their wedding and even information regarding the location of their honeymoon, which was expected to be Europe.

For now, all the information is invalid and will only be confirmed by the couple themselves and their agency after the wedding. Stay tuned for more updates regarding the precious Song-Song couple!

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