Temperature of Love: Episodes 21-22

Today’s episode is a lot more fun than I was expecting, considering how we left things. We get a little break from the drama to learn more about our characters and their histories, providing some much-needed insight to what makes them tick. I wish we’d had this information several weeks ago, but better late than never, I suppose.


When Jung-woo introduces Jung-sun to Hyun-soo as “the woman I like the most,” Jung-sun immediately understands that Hyun-soo is the woman Jung-woo intends to propose to. Hyun-soo tells Jung-sun that she didn’t know they’d be coming here, but Jung-sun just goes inside to have the kitchen start serving their dinner.

Hyun-soo thinks that Jung-sun is upset because she canceled their plans to have dinner with Jung-woo. She informs Jung-woo that Jung-sun is the man she fell in love with and lost, and that they recently found each other again. Jung-woo ignores her as if she hadn’t even spoken.

He only responds when she mentions meeting the famous actress who’s interested in her script. But he complains that her attempt at conversation feels like an obligation, which she admits, but she says nervously that something feels strange.

When it’s time for Jung-sun to bring out the special cake and engagement ring, he hesitates. He goes to the roof with the cake, which Hyun-soo instantly recognizes, since she helped design it and knows it’s intended to be a proposal cake. Jung-woo notes that there’s something missing, and Jung-sun asks to speak with him privately.

While she’s waiting alone, staring at the proposal cake, Hyun-soo’s mother calls. They don’t talk about anything important, but just hearing her mother’s voice say that her dinner companion was rude to leave her alone during dinner makes Hyun-soo feel better.

The guys go to Jung-sun’s apartment, where Jung-sun returns Jung-woo’s ring. He says that Hyun-soo is the girlfriend he was going to introduce to Jung-woo today, and Jung-woo reveals that Hyun-soo is the woman he’s been talking about since his visit to Jung-sun in Paris.

Jung-sun asks if she knew that Jung-woo was planning to propose, since she didn’t seem to understand what was happening. Jung-woo confirms that she didn’t, so Jung-sun asks the obvious question: “How did you think of proposing to her without sharing any feelings with each other?”

Jung-woo insists that he has good reason for his proposal, since all the time that Jung-sun wasn’t with her, he was. He says that for years he never saw her date anyone, and that he knew she held someone in her heart, but that man was never there. He continues that he liked the way she cherished her feelings, and hoped that someday she would feel the same for him.

Jung-sun grasps for a way to give Jung-woo the benefit of the doubt, asking if he knew that Hyun-soo was his girlfriend. But Jung-woo dashes his hopes and admits that he already knew.

Incredulous, Jung-sun asks why Jung-woo gave him that ring and had him prepare the proposal dinner. Jung-woo says without a shred of remorse that he wanted Jung-sun to feel the pain he felt when he found out about him and Hyun-soo. He admits that Jung-sun did nothing wrong, then adds, “But I’m angry at you because I can’t get angry at Hyun-soo.”

Jung-woo stands to go, saying that the dice has been thrown so they should play their own way now. He says he’ll take Hyun-soo home, but Jung-sun counters that since he’s the one in a mutual relationship with her, he needs to talk to her.

On the roof, Jung-woo tells Hyun-soo that he’s leaving, and he finds it interesting that Hyun-soo doesn’t ask him what’s going on. When he says that this was supposed to be a proposal, Hyun-soo just says she’s sorry for not telling him about Jung-sun sooner. He surprises her by saying that he already knew.

He admits that he knows she doesn’t like him as a man, but that they do have mutual trust in each other. He says that people choose to spend their lives together just based on that, and that he wanted to show her that he’d be there for her and she could depend on him. He tells Hyun-soo that he had already decided to propose when he saw her with Jung-sun, and that he considers this a new beginning between them.

We flash back to two years ago, on a night when Hyun-soo and Jung-woo were practicing their baseball swings. Jung-woo asked casually why Hyun-soo doesn’t date, and she said that she’d decided to just focus on work.

As they walked around the bases, they discussed the success of her debut drama, and the fact that other production companies were already interested in scouting her. She said that she always turned them down in favor of On Entertainment, adding that Jung-woo was destined to succeed with his determination, and she respected him.

Fast forward one year, when the subject of Jung-woo came up between Hyun-soo, Hong-ah, and Kyung. Hong-ah was certain that Jung-woo liked Hyun-soo, but she was confused because he never made a move. Jung-woo showed up with gifts for all of them, and one special gift for Hyun-soo: the news that a station wanted to broadcast her next drama, Unruly Detectives.

As he was leaving, Hyun-soo said that she hoped he’d meet a good woman and marry her. He said matter-of-factly that he wanted to marry her, but he reaffirmed his promise not to make her uncomfortable with his feelings.

Back in the present, Jung-sun finds Hyun-soo still on the roof, and she instinctively leans into his backhug. They go inside to talk, and Jung-sun tells Hyun-soo that he knows she wasn’t aware of the proposal plan. She responds that she didn’t even know the two men were that close. Jung-sun suggests they finish their tea and talk about this tomorrow.

They meet up in the morning and go to the park to do just that, and sit on the swings. Jung-sun says that it’s important that they don’t allow anyone to shake up their relationship, but he’s worried that it’s possible that someone might shake them if they really tried.

Hyun-soo says that she’s sorry and thankful to Jung-woo, but that it’s not love. She’s clear about the fact that she’s not confused nor shaken. Jung-sun holds out a hand and they twine their fingers together, and he smiles.

He says that’s that, and that he wants to hug her but that he can’t because people are watching. But he gets up for a hug anyway, and Hyun-soo wraps her arms around his waist and nestles her face into his belly. She pouts that she wants to invite him in but Kyung is there, and Jung-sun just smiles.

As she works a few days later, Hyun-soo thinks about the first time she met Jung-sun, at the running event. She hesitates to answer when Jung-woo calls, but she ends up picking up, and he reminds her that today is her meeting with actress Yoo Hye-jung.

Jung-sun arrives at Good Soup to find Won-joon helping sommelier Soo-jung fold napkins. He goes to the kitchen after they commiserate about the lack of reservations, and Soo-jung frowns as Won-joon takes a call from Hong-ah. Hong-ah whines that she wants a certain pork belly dish that Won-joon makes, so he tells her to come by the restaurant later to pick it up.

Actress Yoo Hye-jung shows up for the meeting (cameo by Park Shin-hye) and Hyun-soo arrives next, nervous at seeing Jung-woo for the first time since that disastrous night, but her excitement at meeting Hye-jung quickly takes over.

The ladies hit it off immediately, Hyun-soo fawning over how pretty Hye-jung is, and Hye-jung telling Hyun-soo that her script made her heart flutter. She says she’s sorry that her schedule won’t allow her to be in the drama, but she adds that she hopes to be the first to see Hyun-soo’s next script.

Meanwhile, Jung-sun’s mom and Daniel go to Good Soup for lunch, and they’re surprised to see the nearly empty dining room. Mom gets cranky when Daniel asks if something is wrong, accusing him of hoping that Jung-sun fails, but Daniel says that he’s just worried she’ll be upset if the restaurant does badly.

Mom complains that Daniel isn’t giving her any spending money lately, and that his credit card is maxed. He counters that professors don’t earn much, but Mom won’t accept that as an excuse, so Daniel suddenly “remembers” a meeting and stands to leave. He snuggles up to her on his way out, but tells her to stop nagging him, and makes a face behind her back.

She goes up to see Jung-sun in his apartment and asks about the lack of customers. Jung-sun gently tells her to mind her own business, though he does say that he won’t be going on TV anymore. Mom gets upset that he won’t give her any details, saying that his business is her business too, but to no avail.

When Hong-ah shows up for her food, Soo-jung blocks her from going into the kitchen and tells her to wait in the dining room, a wicked little gleam in her eye. Hong-ah pouts when Won-joon brings her food packed in to-go boxes, having planned to eat here. She takes out her exhaustion and frustration on Won-joon, yelling at him for making her come all this way just to be given a lunch box.

As she’s whining, Soo-jung comes to the table to bring her some coffee, but hearing Hong-ah’s demanding tantrum has her slamming her pitcher onto the table. She says that she wants to say something to Hong-ah, and when Hong-ah rolls her eyes and tells her to go ahead, she says firmly, “Give me this man.” YASSS!!


Won-joon stares at Soo-jung as she says that she’s had feelings for him for a while, and she can’t watch him being treated badly anymore. Hong-ah gives her a look of pity and asks condescendingly if she can like a man when he likes someone else (wow, pot meet kettle!).

Soo-jung doesn’t hesitate as she says that she can, and since Hong-ah doesn’t want him, she’ll take him. Hong-ah says she’s welcome to Won-joon, but she points out that he’s liked her for eight years, and it won’t be easy to change his heart.

Won-joon finally speaks up and tells Soo-jung that he’s fallen for her, and he tells Hong-ah that she has to ask Soo-jung’s permission to call him from now on, because he belongs to Soo-jung. He takes the lunch back that he made, and marches with Soo-jung back to the kitchen.

Once alone, Won-joon asks Soo-jung if he really looked that pathetic, and she says nervously that she thought Hong-ah might treat him better if she thought she had some competition. But Won-joon says that he can’t go on like this with Hong-ah forever, and he thanks Soo-jung for lying for him.

He admits that he had butterflies for a minute there, thinking that someone liked him that much. Soo-jung smiles and says that she wasn’t lying, making Won-joon gape like a fish, hee.

Joon-ha has managed to con Kyung into making ramyun for him again, as she pleads with him not to light the actors in blue for Hyun-soo’s drama. They’re surprised when Hong-ah shows up unannounced, hungry and also begging for food.

After actress Hye-jung leaves Jung-woo’s office, he tells a happy Hyun-soo that that Hye-jung really liked her. He invites Hyun-soo to dinner, but she’s wary and tries to decline. Jung-woo insists, saying that it’s just work, and he suggests they go to Good Soup so Jung-sun will see that they’re being transparent.

As they eat, Hong-ah asks when Joon-ha and Kyung started dating, making them both blink at her. Kyung fervently objects to the idea, but Joon-ha looks a little bit hurt at Hong-ah telling Kyung that she can do better. He defends Kyung when Hong-ah casually insults her, then rushes out, leaving Kyung befuddled but smiling.

Hyun-soo goes into the restaurant first to say hello to Jung-sun, but his happy smile slips when Jung-woo joins her. Jung-woo is careful to say that they’re coming from a work meeting, but Jung-sun declines Hyun-soo’s invitation to join them.

He leaves the kitchen as they’re eating and looks on as Hyun-soo admits to Jung-woo that she feels uncomfortable even though she hasn’t done anything wrong. Jung-woo laughs at her ability to say whatever she’s thinking, as Jung-sun frowns at them.

When Hong-ah gets home, all she can think about is Won-joon and Soo-jung saying that they’ve fallen for each other. She calls Won-joon but he doesn’t answer, probably for the first time ever, making her huff in annoyance.

After dinner, Hyun-soo sends Jung-woo home, saying that she’s going to stay to talk to Jung-sun. But Jung-sun says that he needs to talk to Jung-woo, promising to call her later.

They go to the roof, where Jung-sun blurts out that he and Hyun-soo are in love. Jung-woo asks if he’s feeling insecure, but Jung-sun continues that he knows Jung-woo can’t help his feelings but that he should stop acting on them.

Jung-woo asks if Jung-sun is offended by him, and Jung-sun admits that he is. He says that he’s been trying to figure out why Jung-woo is mad at him, so Jung-woo says that he thinks Jung-sun isn’t quite so blameless after all. He wonders why Jung-sun didn’t take any of the opportunities to tell him the identity of the woman he loved, even when he agreed to appear in Unruly Detectives knowing she was the writer.

Jung-sun says that his feelings were too strong to tell anyone, and that he was under no obligation to tell Jung-woo in any case. Jung-woo brings up how Jung-sun canceled plans with him to go on the trip with Hyun-soo, then gives a wry grin and admits that he’s being childish. He asks if Jung-sun can handle fighting over a woman, saying that he can, because all his life he’s fought for what he wanted, and won.

But Jung-sun refuses to be intimidated and says that he can do that too, reminding Jung-woo that love takes two people. He says that no matter how much they fight, the outcome isn’t about winning, so he doesn’t understand why they have to fight at all.

Jung-woo calmly counters that Jung-sun doesn’t need to fight because he’s already got Hyun-soo. He asks if Jung-sun thinks they can stay the same if he shakes them up, and Jung-sun reminds him that they loved each other even though they were apart for years. Undaunted, Jung-woo vows to shake them up anyway. He calls it a courtesy to his own life, for the years he spent loving Hyun-soo.

As he walks away, Jung-sun calls after him, “What about our friendship?” Jung-woo says that this is the true beginning of their friendship, and wishes Jung-sun good luck. He leaves with a smirk, but his face goes hard as he turns away from Jung-sun.

Hyun-soo waits up for Jung-sun to call as he promised, and when she doesn’t hear from him, she remembers him saying that it’s important for them not to let someone shake them up. She decides to go to his place, and as he opens the door and sees her, the world goes black and white for a moment.

Then Jung-sun smiles, and walks into Hyun-soo’s arms. They stay that way for a long time, chatting about nothing more important than whether Hyun-soo took a shower before coming over.

Seeing the drawing Jung-sun’s been working on for the new menu, Hyun-soo asks if the restaurant is losing money. She makes herself comfortable on the couch, holding Jung-sun’s hand and inviting him to talk about it. He reveals that Jung-woo is his main investor, which makes Hyun-soo go quiet.

Jung-sun asks tenderly if she’s afraid she’ll start to waver, and if that’s why she came here so late. She mock-snarls that he’s getting ahead of himself, but she does admit to feeling nervous because she’s worried he’ll doubt her. He says that Jung-woo was there for her when he couldn’t be, but that he doesn’t want to own those years, so she can feel safe.

She thanks him, then changes the subject, saying that getting a Michelin star is the best way to revive the restaurant. Jung-sun teases her for trying to solve his problems, and she pretends that she’s going to flounce home. He tells her to leave her bike and walks her back home hand-in-hand.

Jung-sun’s mom goes to see Jung-woo, confessing that she made some bad investments and spent Jung-sun’s inheritance to pay them back. Jung-woo asks how much she needs, and she promises to pay him back when Daniel’s paintings start selling.

Hyun-soo’s parents come to visit her and Kyung, and Mom suggests that they go to Good Soup since it was closed when they tried before. Excited, Hyun-soo calls Jung-sun, enjoying the way his voice cracks when she informs him that he’s about to meet her parents. She says they can just eat and go without his meeting them, but he quickly says that he wants to, and then checks his reflection in his phone.

Unfortunately, Jung-sun’s mother and Daniel show up unannounced for lunch, too. When Hyun-soo’s group arrives, she runs up to the roof to find Jung-sun while her mother heads to the restroom. Her mom shares the mirror with Jung-sun’s mom, clearly disapproving of the way the flashy woman makes so much effort primping.

The mothers head back to their tables and continue shooting eye-daggers at each other. Hyun-soo’s mom even alerts her husband and Kyung to the weirdos at the next table, correctly guessing that Jung-sun’s mom and the obviously much younger Daniel are dating. Jung-sun’s mother pouts that she’s being stared at, though Daniel agrees that they stand out a bit.

Jung-sun is still on the roof, valiantly trying not to have a panic attack, which Hyun-soo thinks is adorable. Finally she suggests that they go downstairs, and she tells the nervous Jung-sun that he doesn’t need to do anything but stand there to make her parents like him, since he’s so handsome.

They head down arm-in-arm, but they stop dead in their tracks to see both of their mothers waving at them. Hyun-soo’s mom calls out to her daughter, making Jung-sun’s mom whip around to stare at her. Jung-sun and Hyun-soo stand stock-still, gulping at the unexpected family gathering.


I felt like Jung-woo’s proposal wouldn’t be enough to come between Jung-sun and Hyun-soo, and I’m so happy to see that I was right. They sat down and discussed it like reasonable adults, and realized that Jung-woo’s delusion doesn’t have to be a problem for their relationship. It’s the moms’ instant and intense dislike for each other that concerns me now—mommy issues do have a real chance of causing a rift between them, since their moms can do a lot to make their lives miserable if they decide they hate each other. I’m particularly worried for Jung-sun, who’s just finally found a tentative peace with his mother. But we all know she can flip over to batcrap crazy at a moment’s notice, and when she does, she’s highly unpredictable. She likes Hyun-soo now, but how will she feel if she takes a dislike to Hyun-soo’s mom?

I really don’t feel like I understand Jung-woo any more even after he’s explained why he chose to propose to Hyun-soo knowing that she loves another man. Everything he said in his defense makes no sense whatsoever. He told Jung-sun that he admired Hyun-soo’s unwavering loyalty for the man she loved and didn’t see for five years, and that he wanted it for himself. But if she dropped that loyalty for another man, then wouldn’t that make her… well, disloyal? Then Jung-woo told Hyun-soo that he wanted to show her that she could trust him and depend on him, but how could she ever trust a man who betrayed his best friend in such an underhanded way? I can’t tell if this is just Jung-woo’s odd character, or that the writer wanted to create a certain scenario—the proposal—and was trying to find ways to justify it and coming up short. I want to think the former, because everything else in this show is so cleanly written.

Either way, Jung-woo is going off the deep end with his accusations of Jung-sun keeping his feelings for Hyun-soo to himself. It’s as if he thinks that Jung-sun’s keeping Hyun-soo’s identity a secret is something he was purposely doing. Jung-sun kept it to himself because he was heartbroken and sad, but Jung-woo kept the fact that he was having feelings for Hyun-soo a secret, too. And he’s the one who continued to keep it to himself, even after knowing about Jung-sun and Hyun-soo’s relationship, and he even used the information to deliberately hurt Jung-sun. If anyone was keeping the secret for mean-spirited reasons, it was Jung-woo.

But I want to talk about the side couples for once, now that they’re finally getting a bit of air time. I feel like Soo-jung’s crush on Won-joon came out of nowhere, but it’s so cute I don’t even care. He deserves a good woman, or really any woman that isn’t Hong-ah, to be perfectly frank. Soo-jung was adorable the way she stood up for Won-joon to Hong-ah’s face, then told him boldly that her confession wasn’t a lie. I hope that Won-joon pays attention and realizes what he could be missing out on while he pines after a girl who is flat-out telling him that she’ll never date him. I just hope that Hong-ah’s sudden jealousy now that she may not have Won-joon wrapped around her finger doesn’t mean that she has some sort of late-game epiphany and gets him in the end—after the way she’s behaved, I couldn’t care less if she gets a guy, much less a great guy she’s never appreciated.

And I know that Joon-ha is super annoying, but I love how he and Kyung bicker constantly when they’re together, and the fact that they have no clue that they like each other. They’re both just so odd and quirky, they’re perfect for each other. Thank goodness that while Hyun-soo, Jung-sun, and Jung-woo’s love triangle starts to veer off into melodramatic territory, we have two cute couples to watch fall in love with no higher stakes than who confesses first.


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