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Two Cops gears up for premiere in November with new stills

The only thing better than one Jo Jung-seok (Jealousy Incarnate), is two Jo Jung-seoks! Which is why I’m excited for MBC’s upcoming Two Cops, where Jo Jung-seok plays a man with dual identities. He is originally a justice-loving violent crimes investigator who has been nicknamed by criminals as “Grim Reaper” because it’s the end of their free lives when they see him, but his body becomes inhabited by the soul of a bewitching con man who easily enchants people out of their wallets in minutes. New stills of the drama have been released showing four of our main leads, completely immersed in their roles.

Jo Jung-seok’s leading lady, played by Hyeri (Entertainer), is a workaholic community reporter who is tenacious to a fault and has a prickly personality. To get the latest scoop, she’s always at the police station, peppering the cops with questions, and because of her dedication and perseverance, she’s worked her way up in life from her dirt-poor beginnings.

Hoya (Radiant Office) plays the brains of the violent crimes department. If he sees something once, he’ll remember it flawlessly. With a bright and positive attitude, he’s the cute but clumsy maknae of the department. From a wealthy background and with an upright appearance, he’s also definitely a prime target for the ladies. His one fatal flaw is that once something catches his interest, he’ll pursue it obsessively until the end. So when Jo Jung-seok’s character becomes one of his obsessions, he follows him like a lost puppy everywhere.

Then there’s the original scam artist that ends up in Jo Jung-seok’s body, played by Kim Sun-ho (Strongest Deliveryman). With his glib-talking abilities, handsome looks, gentlemanly manners, and good humor, he’s an artist of deception through and through. Due to a fateful event, his soul is transplanted into Jo Jung-seok’s righteous cop body, and I can already imagine that the hijinks that follow from their disharmonious joining will be pure comedy.

MBC’s Two Cops will air on Mondays and Tuesdays starting this November, following the end of 20th Century Boy and Girl.

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