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Cast of Nothing to Lose comes together to hold first script reading

Man, is Yeon Woo-jin having a busy year or what? Upcoming courtroom drama Nothing to Lose will be his third show just this year, including Introverted Boss and Seven Day Queen (♥), and he was also in film The Table, which was released in August, and has Compatibility’s release in the pipeline. Not that I’m complaining, because more Yeon Woo-jin is always a good thing in my book, and with Park Eun-bin (Age of Youth 2) confirmed as his leading lady, my expectations for Nothing to Lose are quite high. I mean, even just their two-shot at the script read is adorable.

Though most legal dramas in dramaland tend to focus on prosecutors, defendants, and defense attorneys, it’ll be interesting to see whether shifting the perspective will give Nothing to Lose a different feel. Both the leads play judges who work in the same district, but are polar opposites in terms of personalities. Park Eun-bin is somewhat of a loose cannon, prone to throwing out swear words and working herself up into a temper, while Yeon Woo-jin’s judge is the level-headed, impartial type. They both get swept up in something bigger than themselves as Park Eun-bin unwittingly picks a fight with some powerful baddies who have framed her brother for a murder he didn’t commit, and then has him murdered.

There’s a mini-Suspicious Partner reunion going on for the new legal drama, with Dongha and Lee Deok-hwa both signed onto the supporting cast to play a father-son pair. Dongha is a hardworking prosecutor who doggedly pursues defendants, while Lee Deok-hwa will play a politician. Lee Deok-hwa’s character is described as a villain role, but we don’t know whether his prosecutor son will also have not-so-noble tendencies. I find it kind of funny how the two actors have switched sides from one legal drama to the next.

Other cast members spotted at the script reading include BESTie’s Haeryung (Star of the Universe), Choi Jung-woo (Legend of the Blue Sea), Woo Hyun (Defendant), and Lee Moon-shik (Wanted). It’s a pretty solid cast, so I’ll be eager to see them inhabit this dramaverse as legal eagles.

Nothing to Lose will follow While You Were Sleeping in SBS’s Wednesday-Thursday slot, and premiere on November 22.

Via SBS, TV Report


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