Premiere Watch: Meloholic

I totally forgot about this week’s premiere of Meloholic, the web drama that got picked up by OCN for its Monday-Tuesday block. It’s a supernatural campus romance that features fresh-out-of-army Yunho (Records of a Night Watchman) as a mind-reader and Kyung Su-jin (Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-ju) in a dual role, as a woman with split personalities.



Time slot: Monday & Tuesday
Broadcaster: OCN
Genre: Supernatural romance
Episode count: 10

Reasons to watch: The new drama from PD Song Hyun-wook (Introverted Boss, Oh Hae-young Again) stars Yunho as a pathetic loser who gets cruelly dumped by his girlfriend, and desperately wishes to know what women are thinking so that he can win her back. He suffers an accident one night that gives him that very ability—he wakes up with the gift of hearing and seeing another person’s thoughts whenever he touches them, but it only applies to women. Kyung Su-jin, meanwhile, is a classmate in his department who’s meek and innocent, but has a bold and sexually assertive split personality inside of her.

That’s almost one premise too many, but it certainly makes for an unusual matchup of characters. Plus, if the hero can read any woman’s mind, I can see how you would need a heroine who poses a challenge for him in some way. Hopefully the supernatural element is fun and provides a good catalyst for the romance. As for Yunho, I can only hope that he’s improved as an actor since coming back from army duty, and can carry half of a romance. Technically, if Kyung Su-jin carries two-thirds of the split-personality love triangle, he’ll only need to carry a third of it!


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