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Rooting for Yoon Kyun-sang’s Doubtful Victory and escape from prison

It’s a case of switched identities for Yoon Kyun-sang (Rebel: Thief Who Stole the People) in upcoming drama Doubtful Victory, where he goes from being a felon to a fake detective. We get our first glimpse of him in the newly released teaser, which begins as he’s being chased after stealing a corpse.

Eventually when he gets caught, he goes to prison because he is framed for murder. There he becomes Death Row Inmate Kim Jong-sam, and is imprisoned for ten years before he somehow escapes his convicted fate and gains a new identity overnight.

The text that flashes onscreen asks: “How did he become a police detective?” The police ID badge showing his face states that he’s Officer Oh Il-seung. So he begins his dual life; he even seems to get along with his fellow cops, although they’re a bit surprised to see him at first.