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On November 7, Dingo Studios released a teaser for their upcoming special “re:play EXID,” which will feature all five members of the group.

The special airing on November 11 marks the first time Solji will be joining her members on a broadcast since December 2016, when she was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism. In order to focus on her recovery, the EXID leader halted all activities and has not promoted with her group for almost a year. Although Solji participated in the recording and the jacket photo shoot for EXID’s latest album, it was announced that she would not be attending any of the group’s promotions for their new release.

In the preview, all five EXID members shed tears as they open up about the public’s response to Solji’s prolonged hiatus. Hani reveals that she was shocked and upset by comments that said, “Solji is just lazily taking it easy while living off the money that her members make.”

Hyerin also recalls being hurt by a comment criticizing her singing abilities and saying that they “can see why she’s a sub-vocalist.”

Solji, whose health has improved somewhat but not enough for her to resume her activities, confesses to struggling with comments that told her to “just leave the group.” She admits, “It felt like what they were saying was right. It hit me right where it hurt most.”

Watch the heartbreaking clip below.