That’s going to be one big legal bill! Actor Park Si Hoo has taken troll hunting to a new heights by filing no less than 76 lawsuits against his online abusers.

On February 2, the 37-year-old screen star’s agency announced that the actor had filed charges against online users targeting malicious messages at him.

The Confession of Murder actor filed lawsuits against 76 separate individuals on January 25 at Seoul Central District Court, requesting prosecution of his perpetrators for the abuse and defamation he suffered due to their false accusations.

Enough is enough! Park Si Hoo (pictured at a January 19 Neighborhood Hero press conference) has filed a record 76 lawsuits against individuals who attacked him online
Credit: OCN

“Park Si Hoo has been tormented by online slander for several years,” says a spokesman. “He has reached the end of his patience and has decided on legal action.”

The idol star’s lawyers say that while his online abuse has been continuing for years, his feature in new OCN drama Neighborhood Hero had sparked more exacerbated abuse and had reached a level that was no longer tolerable.

He’s not the only Korean star to try and tackle the ongoing issue. In recent months former f(x) star Sulli, Sistar’s Boram, 2PM’s Jun.K and Big Bang’s Seungri are just a few of the big names fighting back against online abuse.

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Park’s action against 76 separate individuals for online slander is a new record in the growing and problematic climate of online abuse in Korean media and around the world.