On the November 18 episode of “Ask Us Anything,” Goo Hara revealed a surprising thing Super Junior’s Kim Heechul likes to jokingly say to her whenever they meet.

Goo Hara and actor Sung Dong Il featured as guests on the November 18 episode of “Ask Us Anything,” and showed their cheerful chemistry with the cast.

For the quiz segment, Goo Hara asked the cast, “What did Kim Heechul say to me every time we filmed a show together?” Seo Jang Hoon first guessed, “I love you” and, “Today’s our first day [of dating].” Goo Hara replied that he was on the right track, much to everyone’s surprise.

Seo Jang Hoon eventually guessed the correct answer with, “Hara, let’s get married.” Visibly flustered, Kim Heechul remarked, “You aren’t my style. Not even 1 percent,” while Goo Hara countered, “You aren’t either.”

As Kim Heechul continuously denied ever asking Goo Hara to get married, the star explained, “Whenever I sat to the right of [Kim Heechul], he would always [whisper] ‘Hey! Hara, let’s get married.’” Kang Ho Dong then told Kim Heechul, “You shouldn’t joke around with a person’s feelings,” making the Super Junior member even more flustered.

Finally, Lee Soo Geun asked Goo Hara how she responded to Kim Heechul’s proposal. Goo Hara made everyone laugh again when she shared that she said, “Depends on how you do,” before asserting that Kim Heechul is really not her style.

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