The courthouse romance begins in Nothing to Lose promos

Upcoming legal romance Nothing to Lose is just about ready to air, and in this teaser, we see the first meeting between the leads, an impulsive young woman who begins her career as a judge in order to discover the truth of her brother’s secret, who happens to lack book smarts, and the intelligent, principled judge who rejected using the power of his background to get to his position.

Park Eun-bin (Age of Youth 2) plays the judge who is so hot-headed that she throws off her robes in the middle of a trial because of her frustration at the criminal defendant. In the teaser, she runs into a door that Yeon Woo-jin (Seven Day Queen), the cool-headed judge, was opening. Perhaps the incident leaves her flustered, because when he takes her pulse later, he remarks that her heart is still beating very fast.

There’s a moment of embarrassment when he flings his robe back and she blurts out that he shouldn’t wear them that way, and he brushes her bangs aside saying that she’s the one wearing his robes.

She regrets her impulsive actions when she threw off her robes during the trial, and swears (sarcastically) that if she ever does that again, she’s his woman. Later in the library, he asks, “Did you mean that, about being my woman…?” But she just holds up a USB and says, “This is the beginning.”