Although “Because This Is My First Life” features the great direction, script, and chemistry between actors that we’ve come to love, it also features a unique amount of narration.

The narration often takes place at the end of the episode, summarizing the key points of the events that just took place. Recently a media outlet picked their Top 3 moments from these narrations:

1. “Tunnel”

This line is said by Ji Ho in Episode 2: “When I decided to live my dream, I thought that from now on my life would be a dark tunnel in which I walked alone. But I didn’t realize how dark it would be. And I didn’t know how lonely I would be.”

Ji Ho (Jung So Min) loses everything, including a roof over her head, in pursuit of her rapidly crumbling dream. While recording it, the actress said, “I got so into it that tears came up while I was recording. The line was really good. I think everyone, not just me, who has felt exhausted while pursuing their dream could relate to it.”

2. “Scars”

Again from Ji Ho, this time in Episode 6: “The fact I wanted to hurt you. Our gravity has been broken.” Spoken about a marriage made from convenience rather than affection, Ji Ho’s line is referring to the fact that the relationship between two people who have always drawn careful lines around each other has fundamentally changed.

Angry at Sae Hee (Lee Min Ki), who continues to draw a line between the two of them, she later tells Bok Nam (Kim Min Kyu), who asked if she has a boyfriend, “I don’t have anything like that.”

3. “Happiness”

Although all of the narration up until Episode 11 had been done by Ji Ho, Episodes 11-12 showed Sae Hee’s point of view for a change. His line, from Episode 12, “In case that I hurt someone once again. But now, I want to be happy again too,” shows his warming feelings towards Ji Ho and his resolve to approach her from now on.

What are some of your favorite narrations from “Because This Is My First Life?”

Watch the first episode of “Because This Is My First Life” below!

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