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WANNA-ONE made their debut appearance in Singapore for their very first Worldwide Tour, ‘WANNA BE LOVED’.

This tour is an impressive feat for a rookie group, as they had just debuted not last year, but in August! But this is to be expected from such power rookies, who has swept the charts and music shows immediately after debut, scoring first effortlessly.

WANNA-ONE is an 11 membered boy group that comes from CJEM’s PRODUCE 101 Season 2, after the first Season, which saw IOI debuting, became extremely popular. Some of the members aren’t new to the showbiz industry though – the star studded line up consists of idols such as HOTSHOT Ha Sungwoon, Nu’est Hwang Minhyun, and Winner of God’s Voice, Kim Jaehwan.

The fanmeet kicked off with a powerful start, with WANNA-ONE pushing out fans’ favourites such as ‘Never’ and ‘Energetic’. Fans would know the song ‘Never’ from the Produce 101 Show – composed by Hui, E’Dawn and Wooseok of PENTAGON. The song had already topped charts when it was released during the show and the boys hadn’t even debuted!

The emcee asked a few casual questions as the boys got seated, and we found out that Minhyun was the only member who had been to Singapore before, as a member of NU’EST. Daniel complimented the fans, definitely earning in many brownie points for that one. He also mentioned that he was really surprised at how clean the Singapore airport was! Jihoon also cheekily added in that ‘Everyone’s really pretty!’

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This started the fan segment WANNA-ONE TIME, where we went in detail about each and every member. They started off with Lai Kuanlin, where we found out that he made his debut as a model, before becoming a trainee.

On the question if he has ever thought of bring a real model, Kuanlin replied “I’ve always wanted to be a model. I’ve been looking for a chance.” On hearing that, emcee gave Kuanlin the chance to do free poses. Fans were extremely excited, and Kuanlin adorably said that he was really nervous, giving himself a cheer to start. He breezed through the sexy, handsome and cute poses along with the catwalk. We can definitely see that he is a natural at this!

Next up was Ong Seongwu; “Theory of human instrument”. He showed off with his ability to mimic the sound of instruments, and features the song ‘GASHINA’ by Sunmi through this. During Park Jihoon’s time, they questioned ‘Is he a rabbit or human?’ Jihoon replied, “I’ve never had a time where I thought I look like a rabbit.” However, the picture collage provided was a contradiction to Jihoon’s statement. He was compared to various bunny faces, proving the similarities. Fans were then treated to a series of aegyo poses where Jihoon was trying to depict rabbit emotions. Following which, was Daehwi’s time; “The Epitome of Born With This Aegyo”! When questioned when he learned that he has this aegyo, Daehwi replied, “From the start, i was born with it! I was the only child so I did a lot of aegyo to my mum.” Jinyoung also displayed his heavenly vocals and sang his favourite song. We then went on to Minhyun, where it was revealed that he was considered a Master of Arranging, and showed off how well he could arrange by folding clothes. Park Woojin shared that his dream job is to be a reporter. Jaehwan was named ‘The man with the purest heart of the century’ and was teased with a video of him crying multiple times during the survival show. However, it was revealed that it was Leader Jisung who cries the most, and Kuanlin, the youngest member, who cries the least, to which Jaehwan commented that he has never seen Kuanlin cry before.

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Ha Sung-Woon, the fairy with the most beautiful skin, revealed that his secret was to sleep a lot, eat a lot, and do a lot of facial packs! For his daily skin routine, he mainly cares for his skin by drinking a lot of water, washing his face with only cold water, and undoubtedly using a lot of mask packs.

Yoon Jisung who is known to imitate all the members very well was asked to play a guessing game with the audience. The emcee also asked the members their choice of power if they could have one supernatural power in their lives, to which Jihoon and Seongwu said that they would like to be able to go wherever they want, stealing our hearts with the line ‘for everytime i miss you, I can come back here.’ Jisung said that he would like mind control because it seems like fun, and Daniel wants spiderman powers. However, Minhyun’s answer was the best – to have the powers of everyone who had just said theirs.

Last but not least, it was Kang Daniel’s time; where he was called the ‘God Of Hands’. They also played a game where fastest hands and reflexes win, and Daniel definitely showed his prowess there.

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They resumed to performing again, with songs from their album “1×1=1 (To Be One)”. Fans were once again treated to the epitome of perfect dancing, singing and rapping! The famed ‘NAYANA’ or ‘Pick Me’ from the show itself, PRODUCE 101 Season 2 sent the crowd into the show’s climax, before everyone settled down for school – WANNA-ONE SCHOOL!

We had art class and physical education class on our schedule that day. During art class, each person drew the sleeping style of the member on the right. Jinyoung teased that Jihoon doesn’t wear anything, hilariously writing ‘No Wear’ on his body, and that he has big eye bags, coupled with a double chin! For Physical Education class, we got a treat to see the boys clowning around and playing.

The night came to an end fast as the boys bid their early goodbyes, promising they would come again before they performed ‘Hands On Me’.

(Photo : IME Group Pte Ltd and YMC Entertainment)

During encore, they performed ‘Burn It Up’. Towards the closing, a very special segment for Kuanlin was arranged to celebrate his birthday. Fans prepared two cakes and a banner event, where everybody chorused Happy Birthday in English, Korean and Chinese! They ended the night emotionally, with a ballad and VCR of ‘Always’. From there, the show went to the Hi-Touch and Photo-Op sessions for the VIP category fans.

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