Red Velvet members Irene and Joy appeared on the November 22 broadcast of JTBC’s “Let’s Eat Dinner Together” and went on a mission to find someone to eat dinner with.

Irene paired up with Lee Kyung Kyu and rang the doorbells of an apartment building in the Seoul neighborhood of Yangjae. With minutes left until the 8 p.m. cutoff time, a young woman in her 20s welcomed the two celebrities into her home for dinner.

After dinner, the three of them sat around the table and talked about their lives. The young woman said she moved to Seoul from Gwangju three years ago and currently works as a teaching assistant at her university. She opened up about being homesick and missing her family, which Irene also sympathized with.

Irene asked her, “Isn’t it nice when you go back home?” to which the teaching assistant replied, “I love it. I get to eat my mom’s home-cooked meal.” Irene continued, “I love everything [about going home] like going to the grocery store with my mom, her telling me to do chores, and her nagging.”

Lee Kyung Kyu looked at her in disbelief and asked her if she really liked her mom’s nagging, and Irene replied, “I can’t hear her [nagging] since we’re so far away. So I miss it.” Then, he asked the two girls to send a video message to their parents back home.

Irene looked into the camera and said, “Mom. I talk often with you [on the phone], but every time we talk I’m not affectionate and regret it when I hang up.” Then the girl group member became emotional and teared up, unable to complete the video message.

Watch Irene’s tearful message to her parents below!