tvN’s much-loved Monday-Tuesday drama “Because This is My First Life” will be coming to an end next week. With two episodes left, here are some memorable lines and scenes that happened between Nam Se Hee (Lee Min Ki) and Yoon Ji Ho (Jung So Min).

1. “If you have time, would you like to marry me?” – Episode 2

Nam Se Hee (Lee Min Ki) surprised viewers with the calmest proposal of all time. To him, marriage guaranteed a way for his parents and friends to stop meddling in his personal life. Yoon Ji Ho, who was exhausted from life at the time, accepted the proposal without even thinking of the consequences.

2. “Hurry up, so we can go to our home.” – Episode 8

Nam Se Hee quickly came to Yoon Ji Ho’s side to protect her from Bok Nam (Kim Min Kyu), someone he suspected as her stalker. He even broke Bok Nam’s expensive motorcycle and his sudden explosion of emotions surprised viewers, who were used to his usually calm demeanor. Grabbing Yoon Ji Ho’s hand, Nam Se Hee said the quote mentioned above, and the word “our” left a strong impression.

3. “I will protect my heart like I’m on the offense.” – Episode 10

Yoon Ji Ho wanted to impress Nam Se Hee and helped with his family’s ancestral rites preparations, but received payment for her actions instead. She was upset her intentions were exchanged for money and decided to transition from defense to offense. She became adamant in her feelings for Nam Se Hee and became more assertive in pursuing them.

4. The first “real” kiss – Episode 10

After confirming their feelings for one another, Yoon Ji Ho and Nam Se Hee shared their first romantic kiss at the beach. Nam Se Hee said Yoon Ji Ho’s surprise kiss at the bus stop in the first episode was a peck, and showed her his feelings through their first real kiss. This kiss scene gained a lot of attention from viewers who wondered if this happened in real life or in her imagination, and the kiss scene video clip gathered more than 500,000 views.

5. “I would like to end our contract.” – Episode 14

Nam Se Hee’s feelings for Yoon Ji Ho grew and he prepared to confess his feelings for her. Meanwhile, after lots of contemplation, Yoon Ji Ho decided to end their contract. She also met his ex-girlfriend Go Jung Min (Lee Chung Ah) and learned about his pain. She told him that a person’s feelings are not things that can be stolen and kept. The unfortunate timing left things on a sad note for viewers, who are now wondering what will happen in the remaining two episodes.

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