Lee Sung-kyung courted for tvN fantasy romance About Time

I’ve been interested in this drama since it was first announced, because the concept sounds like a wonderful mix of the romantic and the supernatural, and I’m happy to hear that it’s being planned for a broadcast next year on tvN. About Time is about a heroine who has the gift (or curse) of seeing how long a person has left to live, and a man who magically makes her time stop when they fall in love. Lee Sung-kyung, who was delightful in the coming-of-age drama Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-ju, is being courted to headline and is considering the project favorably.

The leading role that Lee Sung-kyung has been offered is a beautiful musical actress who can see the “life clocks” of everyone around her except her own, and is described as having an unfortunate fate. She’ll meet a man who isn’t a supernatural being or gifted with any special powers, but somehow he’ll magically stop her life clock from advancing. And based on their love, that time will stop, or extend, or vanish altogether. The drama will be about those “magical moments that only love can save.”

The series comes from a rookie writer and PD Kim Hyung-shik of Twenty Again, and though the story is very different, I can see it tackling similar themes of embracing life to the fullest when you might have a limited time left to live. I’m pleased that Lee Sung-kyung has been offered the main character in another heroine-centric drama as well, and judging from the plot descriptions, it sounds like my kind of show already. Now, who to cast as her time-stopping, heart-stealing leading man…

About Time is being planned for a Monday-Tuesday slot in 2018.

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