[Alternate Endings] Taking the bitter out of Goblin’s bittersweet ending

By @faraway

Before you pick up your pitchforks, I think The Lonely Shining Goblin is an exceptional drama that absolutely did not suck, and deserves all the awards and recognition. I just think that the ending deserves a little touch-up.

This might be an unpopular opinion regarding Goblin’s finale. At least it is in my group of friends, who all wholeheartedly disagree with me. My friends think that there is no better ending for Goblin, and that the finale was perfect. That I shouldn’t ask for more. But Goblin’s finale, at least for me, was rather bittersweet. There is absolutely nothing wrong with a bittersweet ending, but maybe it’s because I’m a sucker for a happy ending that I still can’t settle for that finale.

I guess I’m more satisfied with how they wrapped up Sunny and Reaper’s story. They both find each other again even in their next lives. They both can live like normal people after reincarnation, without any memories from their past lives haunting them. Though I wondered, how come Sunny’s reincarnation doesn’t have memories from her life as Sunny? Reaper didn’t give her the oblivion tea. Maybe I remember it wrong, or perhaps he did but they didn’t show it onscreen, and maybe I shouldn’t think too much about it. Other than the oblivion tea problem, their ending is enough for me.

It’s a different story for Eun-tak and our Goblin. I still can’t settle with their ending. My friends were all like, “What the hell is wrong with you?! They finally reunited again after so long, what is so sad about thaaaatttt???” Well, yes they both reunited, but at what price exactly? Goblin will have to go through all that again when Eun-tak’s reincarnation in this world is up. All the tears, all the longing, all the rain, and all the waiting. That is a one hell of a tough cycle.

Eun-tak’s reincarnation is still a mortal being, while Goblin remains immortal. They said that humans have four lives to live. What is going happen to Goblin once Eun-tak runs out of lives to live? Goblin will be all alone forever, just as he said in the finale: “My sister, my friend, and my bride have all left. And as always, I am alone.” Noooooo….

When Eun-tak’s reincarnation and Goblin are together, what name will Goblin use to call her? If Eun-tak decided not to drink the oblivion tea every time she died just for the sake of recognizing Goblin in the next life, that means the memories from her previous lives accumulate, right? Wouldn’t she miss all her friends and parents from her past lives? I mean, that’s almost the same as Goblin being left behind.

When Eun-tak’s reincarnation and Goblin are married, what are they going tell Eun-tak’s new family when Goblin will remain the way he is now, while Eun-tak keeps on aging?

This whole thing that makes my head blow up could have been prevented with just one simple thing: reincarnation for Goblin. They both might not have the names, the memories, and the faces from their past lives, but let’s leave all that to this thing called fate. If fate wants them to meet again in the next life, they will meet again.


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