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Kim Ji-han, Yang Jin-sung confirm medical drama Cross: God’s Gift

A couple more confirmations are in for Cross: God’s Gift, the new medical thriller that previously confirmed leads Go Kyung-pyo (Strongest Deliveryman) and Jeon Seo-min (1% of Anything). Now we have Kim Ji-han (Golden Pouch, My Secret Hotel) confirming his participation, as well as Yang Jin-sung (Chicago Typewriter). If you’re wondering why that face is familiar but the name isn’t, it’s because Kim Ji-han is the new stage name for Jin Yi-han, which was also a stage name (his real name is Kim Hyun-joong; it’s understandable why he took a new name).

The main premise is about Go Kyung-pyo’s character, who goes between hospital and prison with only revenge on his mind. The object of his revenge is a humanistic doctor, played by Jo Jae-hyun (Whisper). Jeon So-min, his main love interest, will play an organ transplant coordinator.

Kim Ji-han’s role is that of a cold but outwardly gentlemanly organ transplant specialist who is also the golden boy of the hospital, having excellent results and having graduated from a top university. It also doesn’t hurt that his father is the hospital head. But when genius prodigy doctor Go Kyung-pyo shows up, Kim Ji-han begins to feel his world crumbling out of place, exacerbating his complex about always being the perfect one.

Like Kim Ji-han’s character, Yang Jin-sung’s character has also stepped on an elite course throughout life, as the hospital director’s only child. She’s become a friendly OB/GYN specialist with a strong maternal side, who still revels at the creation of life at every birth she sees. But when Go Kyung-pyo shows up, her world similarly becomes upended.

The Monday-Tuesday tvN drama Cross: God’s Gift begins in January 2018.

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