Han Ji-hye, Lee Sang-woo consider Shall We Live Together

Han Ji-hye, Lee Sang-woo

It’s a quick turnaround after 20th Century Boy and Girl, but there’s already news that Lee Sang-woo is considering his next drama, an upcoming KBS weekender called Shall We Live Together. The last KBS family drama he was in, All About My Mom, was a huge ratings hit, and they’re also courting Han Ji-hye (Legendary Witch) to return to dramaland after a three-year hiatus to co-star, whose last project, Legendary Witch, was also a ratings hit.

The drama is a frank story about a multi-generational family, with the parents facing their mid-life crises, and their children who have been unable to become independent, shielded from the realities of the world like kangaroo babies by their parents. While specifics on Lee Sang-woo’s character have not been revealed, Han Ji-hye has been offered the part of a cold doctor who was accepted into a prestigious medical school. She’s uncaring about others to the point of oddity, and she’s a fiercely independent individual who isn’t interested in rumors or gossip.

Writer Park Pil-joo, whose greatest credits are weekender Bluebird’s House and daily drama First Love Again—both of which received much domestic love—will be penning the script for Shall We Live Together. Park Pil-joo will be reuniting with First Love Again’s PD Yoon Chang-beom for this project.

I’m glad that Lee Sang-woo might be returning so soon because I think he’s such an underrated actor who deserves more opportunities. As for Han Ji-hye, it’ll be her comeback after a long break, which was due to an issue that occurred as she moved management agencies. Given the experience that both actors have in this genre, I have full faith in their performances, so it’s all up to the writing and directing at this point.

Starting next February, Shall We Live Together will air on KBS, following the end of current top dog weekend drama My Golden Life.

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