Open Thread Week 45! Honestly, I haven’t had time to even breathe today, but couldn’t just skip an open thread!

First, “Forest of Secrets.” I know I’m really late to the party, but I’m not as invested in this one as was with, say “Lookout” or “Circle,” which aired the same time earlier this year. Maybe it’s because I’m not discussing it with anyone, so also feel a disconnect to the community. Maybe it’s because I’ve been watching live dramas (the past 5-6 of them were all live) that watching something old isn’t as appealing as it once was. Maybe I’m just too busy to be watching anything right now, so it’s a chore to sit down and watch t.v. Or maybe it’s the season, and watching murderers and prostitutes is dampening my holiday spirit. Anyway, I’m starting episode 7 and I’m not really caring who the “culprit” is anymore. Oh, well…I might have to put this one on hold for the New Year.

Next, so many funny real life moments this week, so I’ll just post a few short snippets:

Hubby just watched the new Star Wars movie last evening:


Me: Hello!

Hubby: It’s so good, you’ll never guess the ending!

Me: Really? That good?

Hubby: Just like a kdrama. It has humor, drama, makes you cry, laugh, and everything in between.

Me: Plot holes too?

Hubby: No, except for that, so not really like a kdrama.


Sister in law just got my “Just call me Oppa” nephew’s first hair cut and Facetimed me:

Me: I’m sad, no more curls or man-buns for him! But he looks just like a kdrama actor now with those long bangs swept across his forehead.

Daughter: Like that actor on Strong Girl Bong-Soon!

Me: Park Hyung Sik! That brown hair! Hey, we haven’t seen that yet! How do you know?

Daughter: I was looking through Netflix. He’s on the picture.

Me: *To sister in law*. I’ll text you Park Hyung Sik’s picture from that show and you can watch it on Netflix tonight! Your kid is a regular oppa look-alike!

Sister in law: *To her 2 year old son* Can you say “Oppa” and wink for your aunt?

Nephew: OP-PAAA! *with his signature double wink* 😉

Me: *MELTINGGGGGG* OMG, HE’S SOOOOOO CUTE. You’re going to slay all the girls!

Last one: While getting ready for bed, I’ve made a habit of listening to Spotify.

As Roy Kim’s Heaven is playing, hubby walks past the bathroom…

Hubby: I’m surprised you haven’t slit your wrists yet.

Me: 😂 😂 😂 😂

Moral of the Story: Sometimes you don’t need a kdrama to be entertained like you’ve watched one.

2nd Moral: My ovaries are sore.

3rd Moral: Holiday Cheer to everyone!

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