Lee Jung-shin competes with himself and changes the past in Longing Heart

The first teaser has been released for first love story Longing Heart, starring CNBlue’s Lee Jung-shin (My Sassy Girl) as Kang Shin-woo, a man who hasn’t been able to forget his first love. He finds a portal back in time to his high school days when he first met her ten years ago. Lee Yeol-eum (Monster) plays his first love, while Seo Ji-hoon (School 2017) plays his younger self.

Based on a webtoon by the same name, Longing Heart already looks to be a hoot as the present Kang Shin-woo and his past self compete for his first love’s affections. She’s lovable, intelligent, and beautiful—no wonder he falls for her! In the teaser, Seo Ji-hoon sees Lee Yeol-eum for the first time as she’s sleeping on the bus, and he feels his heart flutter. Lee Jung-shin’s voiceover says: “The past can change, and it will change. That’s why I’ve come here.” And romantic scenes between Seo Ji-hoon and Lee Yeol-eum switch to feature Lee Jung-shin in Seo Ji-hoon’s place.

That’s all we get from the first teaser, but there has been more specific character and casting information released. Lee Tae-sun (Queen of the Ring) and Jo Seung-hee (Rebel: Thief Who Stole the People) will play two characters involved in the complicated romantic triangle between the two Kang Shin-woos and their first love.

Seo Ji-hoon and Lee Yeol-eum’s high school friends will be played by Do-hee (Lingerie Girls Generation), Kim Min-seok (Strongest Deliveryman), and Lee Joo-hyung (Madame Antoine). And last but not least, Kim Sun-young (Because This Life Is Our First) and Song Ji-hyun (Andante) will play supporting family roles in the drama.

Monday-Tuesday OCN time-slip drama Longing Heart will premiere next month, on January 8.