She used to be a member of K-pop group The Ark, but Euna Kim has been keeping a somewhat low profile since the group disbanded in 2016.

But now the singer is currently starting on KBS2 TV’s idol reboot reality series, The Unit. However, she said the main reason for joining the show was because her agency had no other work for her!

During a candid chat with other members of her team in the show, including DIA’s Somyi, Yoonjo, Matilda’s Semmi, Rubber Soul’s Kim, Melody Day’s Yoomin, Yang Ji Won, Good Day’s Jiwon and WINGs member Yesul,” Kim admitted, “Right now the company I am with do not have any other plans for me so I didn’t really know what to do.”

“I didn’t really want to be on another audition program because people will obviously get bored of seeing me on another audition show, saying ‘Why is she coming out again?’ so… because of that I was hesitant to come on [The Unit]. But I just really want to be on stage and this was the only thing I could do.”

The group went on to perform a cover of Park Jin Young’s “Who’s Your Mama?”. What do you think of her honest comments?