Jung Hae-in up to romance Sohn Ye-jin in Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food

This is a pairing I could get excited about. Sohn Ye-jin (Shark) has confirmed the starring role in PD Ahn Pan-seok’s new romance drama Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food, which she was first offered last October, and now the production is courting up-and-comer Jung Hae-in (Smart Prison Living, While You Were Sleeping) to play her leading man. Welp, this noona would buy you all the food you ever asked for, so I’d call it perfect casting.

The new JTBC series comes from star PD Ahn Pan-seok of critically acclaimed dramas Heard It Through the Grapevine, Secret Love Affair, A Wife’s Credentials, and more, and writer Kim Eun. It’s described very loosely as a drama about two acquaintances who fall in love and start a “true romance,” which is not a lot to go on, but I would expect a sensitive, introspective melodrama from this director.

Sohn Ye-jin has signed on to play a thirtysomething store supervisor of a coffee corporation. Her life motto is to just like what you like, except in reality she lives a rather hollow life without having accomplished what she wants to in work or in love. Jung Hae-in is up to play her love interest, and no other details have been released yet for his character. The actor is thirty, but I expect him to play younger, what with his baby face and all.

I’m really excited for the possibility of Jung Hae-in’s first leading role, because he’s been great in everything I’ve seen him in and getting a lot of attention as a scene-stealer in his two most recent projects, Smart Prison Living (where he plays inmate Devil Yoo Dae-hwi) and While You Were Sleeping (where he played the adorable Batman Cop). His other projects include Night Light, Blood, Three Musketeers, the movie The Age of Blood, and one star-making cameo in The Lonely Shining Goblin (as the Baseball Oppa that made Goblin green with envy). He’s got dramatic chops and is just coming out of a breakout year as a supporting actor, so I’m expecting good things, especially opposite an actress like Sohn Ye-jin.

Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food is planning to air sometime this year on JTBC.

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