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With just a day left until the last two episodes of MBC’s “Two Cops,” here is a list of top five most memorable scenes to keep in mind before tuning in!


The first meeting of the two protagonists (Episode 1,2)

When Cha Dong Tak (played by Jo Jung Suk) first arrested conman Gong Soo Chang (Kim Seon Ho), an anonymous biker gang abruptly attacked the duo.

Gong Soo Chang, who was being taken in as a suspect of murder, fought off the gang literally alongside detective Cha Dong Tak, since they were linked together by handcuffs. Despite their handicap, they were able to defeat the gang after an action-packed battle.

The secret behind Cha Dong Tak’s possession (Episode 7,8)

Cha Dong Tak and Gong Soo Chang ended up sharing Cha Dong Tak’s body after a mysterious accident. The two  characters learned that they had a hidden link when Gong Soo Chang found out that the “Bastard conman” that he always talked about was in fact detective Cha Dong Tak.

When the two realized this secret, Gong Soo Chang’s soul finally became visible to Cha Dong Tak, who had only been able to hear Gong Soo Chang’s voice thus far.

The murder of Lee Doo Sik (Episode 19,20)

The murder of Lee Doo Sik (Lee Jae Won) was one of the scenes that left viewers in shock. As a long-time friend of Gong Soo Chang, Lee Doo Sik held the truth behind the dark forces targeting Gong Soo Chang and Cha Dong Tak. Although Lee Doo Sik had framed Gong Soo Chang before, Gong Soo Chang was left in pain and sorrow after losing his dear friend.

Cha Dong Tak was especially bewildered, since Lee Doo Sik had finally decided to confess everything he knew about the dark forces. The possibility of uncovering the identity of a key figure had suddenly disappeared.

Song Ji An’s Father (Episode 23,24)

The common denominator for Cha Dong Tak, Gong Soo Chang, and Song Ji An (Hyeri) was revealed to be Song Ji An’s father.

The detective who had investigated and covered the corruption behind the case of Gong Soo Chang’s father 16 years ago, as well as the adult who had given Cha Dong Tak an important lesson, were both the father of Song Ji An.

The intertwined fate among the three characters raised curiosity as to whether or not the three will be able to correct the truth behind a corrupt case and gain a fresh start.

The identity of the black helmet (Episode 27,28)

The black helmet was a mysterious character ever since the start of the drama.

By finding clues one-by-one, such as a cigarette lighter, a match, angel wings, and an initial necklace, Cha Dong Tak and Gong Soo Chang showed wonderful teamwork as they investigated the case.

Despite all evidence pointing towards prosecutor Tak Jae Hee (Park Hoon), the real criminal was revealed to be deaf and mute Japanese restaurant owner Soo Ah (Ok Ja Yeon). The surprising twist left the viewers in awe.

The last two episodes of “Two Cops” will air at 10 p.m. on January 15.

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