Name That Drama: Dramabeans Detective Agency

Name That Drama is back! It has been on bit of a break because we ran through most of the submissions, so if you’d like to see more of these, be sure to email us your questions and requests for future Name That Drama installments.

  1. Name that Mom-approved drama

    So I’m looking for a drama, which I believe is fairly recent. Last night while trying to sleep, I heard a voice in my head, followed by a tiny scene. It’s a romance and a guy and a girl are talking. She’s divulging her feelings, explaining why she’s afraid, hesitant to love freely, or something like that. He indicates that he understands, then does something — maybe he kisses her or hugs her, or maybe he doesn’t, but I remember a sweet or comforting gesture. After, he looks her in the eyes and says, “You reject me all the time.”

    I rushed to my mother to ask if she remembered which drama it was, but she had no idea. All she could say was, “Sounds like a good drama.”


  2. Three assignments for the Dramabeans Detective Agency

    Remember when you heard a song and liked it but didn’t know who it was… so you only had a melody and a few lines to use for your search? And then Shazam happened, and gave instant gratification. Well, I wish there was a way to Shazam the memories of a few ’90s Korean Dramas.

    1. To this day I don’t know exactly which drama is the one I watched with Sohn Ji-chang and Shim Eun-ha—was it a basketball one—but I don’t remember much basketball or rivalry.

    2. Or the drama with high makjang levels and a riches-to-rags story of a female violinist who loses her parents and her wealth and ends up working unsavory jobs and having an affair with a married man whose fiancée-turned-wife is transitioning from the professional life she loves and is proud of becoming a housewife.

    3. Or my very first K-drama (before Feelings!, anyway), that felt like a sageuk, because of the traditional dresses worn. What I remember most about it is the bond between a granddaughter and her grandmother. All I remember is that maybe the granddaughter lost her parents and only had her grandma. I feel like they lived on a farm, and her grandmother wore a grey outfit, while she, as a youth, wore the colorful traditional dresses…

    If any answers to these unknown dramas can be found, I feel like the Dramabeans Detective Agency would be the place to ask!


  3. A drama about delicious bags

    Requesting the name of an old drama (2000s, maybe even late 1990s) about a girl who designs handbags. It is not Her Legend. Some scenes include the protagonist walking out to see one of the male leads straight out of the shower naked, getting inspiration from a bread basket(?) also made out of bread, and designing bags for kindergarten/preschool students with the kids’ faces on the bags themselves. Not sure if I’m conflating two dramas but any thoughts would be much appreciated!


  4. School punch-a-thon and a traumatized couple

    Ok this is my drama quest for you guys. I think I watched this drama or movie about 15 years ago. This happens in a boys’ school. I remember only one scene of this. There is a new boy in the school and he enters the classroom, then he introduces himself and the teacher says to him to go to the seat which was in the last row. But when walks to the seat, I think one of the class bully’s friends trips him and the bully holds him without letting him fall, but actually he punches the new boy in the gut. The other thing I remember is another new boy comes to the same class, and when the same friend trips him and the bully comes to punch him, this new boy punches him first without giving the bully a chance. I have been searching for this for many years, but couldn’t find it.

    And another one is a crime investigation drama. In one episode the investigator starts to investigate an old couple, but the problem is at night when they are sleeping, and the woman starts to shout that her body is covered with cockroaches. The man also wakes up and shouts that his body too is crawling with cockroaches, and the investigator finds out that this is some kind of psychological trauma. After further search he finds out that when the old lady walked through the street to welcome her husband when he returns after the work, she was raped by several men, and they’ve been like that since then. This is the only thing I remember in that drama.


Thanks for playing, everyone — till next time!


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