B.A.P is definitely a group that treasures their fans. Maybe it’s because the fandom name is BABY, but the group often treats their fans like their very own baby siblings.

In honor of B.A.P’s sixth debut anniversary, we compiled some of the sweetest moments that the members have shared with BABYz!

Daehyun telling BABYz not to spend too much money on him

While eating chicken, Daehyun relayed a touching message to his fans, saying, “We’ve been having a lot of fan signing events these days. You guys buy a ton of CDs just to get chosen to come, even though you’re able to interact with us only for like a minute or two. Some of you even come a long way just to see us.”

“But to be honest, this is my biggest concern. Especially to those who are students, you guys don’t have that much money. I mean, you guys are the reason why I can eat chicken right now and I’m really thankful, but there’s also a part of me that feels really sorry. You guys are really precious to me, so please just grow up to be beautiful people.”