With EXO focused mostly on solo projects, Girl’s Generation being no more and BTS being the biggest K-pop group in the world, the K-pop landscape is looking very different at the moment.

Once the kings of the industry, many claim SM Entertainment are facing a difficult future. And this was the subject of conversation on the January 28 episode of MBC’s Section TV, where it was claimed that “SM is in danger.”

TV Report correspondent Kim Ji Hyun told the show, “SM artists are failing to live up to expectations… Rookie SM artists’ failure in bringing forth good profits are also part of the SM crisis.”

He added that they are currently only appealing to a limited market, “NCT is only targeting teens. People in their 20s have no idea who they are. Girl group Red Velvet is also doing poorly compared to expectations… BTS’ success is also a proof of SM in crisis. Now you can succeed without doing it like SM.”

But fans were left furious at Kim’s comments, taking to social media to vent their frustration and disagreement on Twitter and Naver. “Not sure about SM in danger, but Section TV is in danger for sure,” wrote on commenter.

Another added, “How can they say SM is fading when they are one of the biggest agencies in the world. They have made the best acts in the world and millions, financially.”

But some seem to agree with the Section TV opinion. “They’re not like the old days,” wrote one. And another took it a step further, stating, “NCT were a bit of a flop… SM Entertainment need to step it up!”