[In Defense Of] Entertainer: The Ddanddara boys deserved better

By @Minniepie

Jury: Beanies
Defendant: Entertainer
Defense attorney: Minniepie

It’s a misfortune that this drama received such poor reception. Hence, I am here to make a statement: “The Ddanddara boys deserved better.”

I wish to proceed with this trial by posing a question in front of the honorable jury: “Dreams—what do you think about this crazy thing?”

I can understand your doubts about what this has to do with the case, but to me, Entertainer is all about dreams. Personally, I believe in this: “To embrace our inner self, to find what the heart wants and what it really likes is the most difficult thing.”

So truthfully, while seeing this drama I was fuming with jealousy. Everyone in it had something they liked. A dream for which they would fight for. I would say that was the drama’s strength—these people were not wondering what their dream is but they were fighting for a way to realize it.

To put it simply, a band of misfits with dreams. The path was not easy and they faced many hurdles, both internally and externally. Some were wounded and the pain pulled them down. But together they healed and helped each other, shedding a ray of hope. The bond they created was the most beautiful thing—from strangers to family.

Each character had their own story worth listening to. In the end, those stories taught us some valuable life lessons.

  1. Though guilty, we still have a chance to redeem.

    Instead of running away and being cowardly, it’s best to face and repent for our sins. When people bravely confront their past and try their best to right their wrongs, it surely is impressive.

  2. It may be hard but it’s best to forgive.

    After suffering so much pain, there was a courageous heart who accepted a heartfelt apology. For some, even when their conscience denied forgiveness, he readily granted it.

  3. However hard the path might be, we will be able to face all the hurdles together.

    These people marched towards success as a team wearing the slipper of perseverance. The deep bond in them showed me the power of togetherness.

One last thing for which I would strongly praise Entertainer is Hyung, who will surely leave a mark on your heart. As a character, he had a great impact on everyone (even on the ones he never met). He, the heart of this story, had a strange aroma that lingered and hurt in a pleasant way.

And in case you ask about the OTP:

So overall, Entertainer may not be a pitch-perfect drama. But when observed closely, you will realize that it’s beautiful even with flaws. The characters made me cry with them. It was a simple yet sweet tale where the boys entertained you with their soulful song.

I would like to conclude my statement by making a point that ratings definitely do not declare a drama’s success. For all those dramas which had a wonderful story yet failed in the face of ratings, I wish to give you a warm hug and a comforting pat whispering, “You did well.”

(Okay I might be the worst defense attorney you have come across, haha.)

So, dear jury, now the ball is in your court…


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