Despite being together for over seven years, SISTAR surprised the K-pop world when they disbanded last year.

And now Hyorin has revealed the exact reason why the group decided to call it a day, despite continued success.

In a photo shoot and interview for the new issue of High Cut magazine, the singer revealed, “I can’t say ‘I wanted to leave because there are so many things I want to do!’. I’m aware that a person can’t only do the things they want to do.”

She continued, “After debuting, I worked and promoted not for myself or others but rather only for SISTAR for seven years. Because of that, I started to have worries of my life as both Hyorin and Kim Hyo Jung [Hyorin’s real name].”

On signing a contract as a solo performer, Hyorin added, “I had the same worries that not only I had, but also the rest of the members had as well. After thinking carefully, we decided that since we worked very hard for the past seven years, we would remain good friends, and live our lives in our own ways and continue to support one another.”

Hyorin will release new solo album “#1 To Do List” on February 6.