OT Week 53! Hi Open Threaders! I woke up today surprised it was already the end of the week. Where does the time go? I feel like my week was productive, and definitely, on a kdrama-watching scale, it was. My husband almost bought me flowers this week, but then saw an lemon plant that he thought deserved more love, so no flowers for me. But next week is Lunar New Year! We have some events scheduled, lots of food to eat, and giving gifts like it is Christmas.

We’ve caught up with Hwayugi . This is such a crazy show, I feel. I don’t know what to make of it yet. I don’t know if I like it or not. One this is certain, Lee Seung Gi is very convincing. It’s a show where there is no loyalty to anyone, or if there is, it’s so veiled that you’re second guessing the motivations of the characters constantly, which makes this a more difficult watch than I think it should be. And is it the lack of chemistry between the two leads? I just don’t believe Sun-Mi’s love for the monkey king. Lee Seung Gi I believe, but not his counterpart. I keep thinking I’ll like her more, but so far I haven’t. She has the “deer in the headlights” look way too much for me. I want to be able to read her face and I can’t and it’s annoying me. Now, Lee Se Young, she’s a revelation in this. I love that she’s possessed right now.

And I finished Imaginary Cat and my daughter was right, the cat dies. I actually had to finish this by myself because she didn’t want to deal with the sobbing aftermath. I did find it a good “jogging” drama for me—perfect length of episodes, and not a lot of dialogue to keep up with at a 5 mph pace. And you can’t cry while running, so that was good. And yes, I started my jogging back up after a 6 month hiatus.

Radio Romance isn’t as syrupy sweet as I thought it would be—which is not a bad thing. However, I’m apprehensive about the writer and the tropiness of the set up just makes me incredibly nervous. I do love Doo-joon in this though. He’s slaying sympathetic-tsundere-with-the-longing-look and making me fall for this character, especially because I know he’ll be even better the more likeable he becomes.
And some drive by shows: Imagine my surprise when the hubby wanted to start Healer ! Um, yes, please. So, this is on the docket now. I don’t know how we’ll have time to see it though. And I started Master of the House , because again, Lee Seung Gi.
So there was this conversation about the first 5 minutes of that:
Daughter: I should exercise more.

Me: Daughter, we just saw this guy who puts on a 22 lbs vest to work out with.

Daughter: Why does he do that?

Hubby: Because he’s too skinny and light to work-out and build any muscle mass otherwise. Now, I have 22 lbs of fat that helps me get more muscular, so I don’t have to wear a vest!


Daughter: That’s just weird.

Moral of the Story: As per a nine-year-old, Lee Seung Gi is weird…

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