Valentine’s Day is upon us – a day that conjures images of nervous confessions, yummy chocolates, gorgeous roses, and cute couple outfits. There’s no denying it’s a holiday made for those in love. But that doesn’t mean those who are single can’t enjoy it too! Whether you’re waiting for your prince/princess charming, getting over a break up, happily enjoying the single life, or just sick of love songs, we’ve got 11 K-pop songs that should definitely be on your playlist this Valentine’s Day.

1. “I Am The Best” – 2NE1

The title of this iconic K-pop anthem says it all. Since Valentine’s Day is about love, why not show yourself some love by celebrating your own, individual awesomeness with the fierce ladies of 2NE1? This Valentine’s Day, turn up the volume and sing it out at the top of your lungs – “I Am The Best!”