After being caught by police for driving under the influence of alcohol, 2PM‘s Jun.K has announced he will be taking a break from all promotional activities.

The singer has released a statement revealing he was arrested for a DUI while in Gangnam, Seoul, at 7am on February 10, with a alcohol blood level of 0.074%, slightly higher than the 0.05% limit.

His offence means his driving license was immediately suspended after confessing to police he had been drinking. His manager drove him home from the police station after being arrested.

“We sincerely apologize for our artist Kim Min Jun [Jun.K] driving under the influence of alcohol,” the JYP Entertainment statement says. “He himself is deeply reflecting on his actions, and from now on, he’ll be ceasing all promotions.”

“As a countermeasure to DUIs by entertainers, the company has paid for a designated full-time substitute driver for all artists since 2014 as well as regular education against drunk driving. Despite this, an incident like this has occurred, and we’ll be taking responsibility as well as considering more effective preventative measures. We apologize deeply once again.”