When it comes to concepts and fashion in the K-pop world, girl groups are some of the top trendsetters. From schoolgirl uniforms to ’80s bodysuits and even sushi costumes, girl groups have truly done it all. But sometimes the simplest of looks can be the most powerful, especially when that look is a classic suit.

So, in no particular order, here are seven girl groups who effortlessly rock a power suit – and make us want to buy a couple for our closets, too.

Red Velvet

It’s hard to believe that “Be Natural” was only Red Velvet’s second release. Even back then as rookies, the girl group proved how seamlessly they could transition from bright, youthful cheerleaders to sophisticated women. This chic suit look — paired with their hypnotic chair choreography — was legendary, and we’re still not over it (nearly) four years later.