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2018-03-13 20:15:17
2018-03-13 20:15:17

tvN has released a new individual teaser for IU and her character in the upcoming Wednesday-Thursday drama “My Ahjussi”!

The video was released on March 14 and shows IU as Lee Ji An, a woman who has had to face the harsh reality of life head-on and as a result, has become a cold and tough woman.

In the teaser, Lee Ji An looks at the world with a cold gaze in her eyes and her shoulders slightly hunched over. Through a voiceover, she says, “From the most extravagant place, to the darkest of places. From the most unfamiliar place, to the most comfortable place.” Her composed narration is accompanied with moments from Lee Ji An’s life, from crouching on a dark flight of stairs by herself to running somewhere in a hurry.

What stands out most is the final moment when Lee Ji An faces the camera with bruises and scrapes across her face and a hard glint in her eye. IU has previously stated that she hopes to make a dramatic transformation through “My Ahjussi” and it looks like she will succeed. Fellow cast member Lee Sun Gyun stated, “This will be a great project for her as actress Lee Ji Eun, not singer IU,” teasing great things to come from her.