The two members of TVXQ revealed their homes and lifestyles that showed they weren’t exactly two peas in a pod.

On the March 23 episode of MBC’s “I Live Alone,” Yunho and Changmin appeared as guests and unveiled parts of their private life.

Changmin’s house was revealed first. Liquor bottle figures, car figures, wine, and books filled up his house. The cast of the show, including his own member Yunho, couldn’t hide their surprise at the new sight. When asked why Changmin decided to live apart from Yunho, Changmin answered, “It’s nice to live together because it’s noisy and there’s no time to be bored, but there were times when I would wake up because Yunho would sing in the morning. When I’m done with work, I want to rest, but [he] would call his friends over. I knew I wouldn’t be able live like this, so I left.”

For breakfast, Changmin made stew by brewing the broth using anchovies. Everyone was surprised by his cooking skills. When asked why he cooked for himself, he replied, “Because I want to live a long and healthy life and have a healthy liver.”

Following that, Yunho’s house was shown. With a simple and vintage interior, his home was lined up with trophies and his own photos. Yunho revealed, “I inherited what the previous owner of the house had used. He said good fortune would come then.” He continued, “It’s been four or five years since I lived alone. I think Changmin would have had a hard time because of me. Our styles are different. Changmin is cleaner than I am.”

Yunho shocked everyone when he turned on his own music video and danced along to it as soon as he woke up. Changmin commented, “I’ve seen him do this a few times when we lived together before, but I didn’t know he still did it while living on his own.”

On top of that, Yunho caught everyone off-guard when he took coins to a safe. There were various piggy banks and a patent inside the safe. He explained, “These are piggy banks that I’ve been saving ever since I was a trainee. [I do this] because it means the beginning. I studied hard and received a certificate.”

TVXQ’s eighth album “New Chapter #1: The Chance of Love” will be released on March 28.

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