Inspirits were taken aback (to say the least) when the dear leader of INFINITE, Kim Sunggyu, announced during his recent concert that he was going to be enlisting in the army. Us fans knew it was going to be soon, but never did we dream it would be sooo soon.

During his announcement, he mentioned that he initially wasn’t planning to say anything beforehand, but we’re glad he did. It gives us time to get mentally prepared, and shower him with the love he deserves before he leaves.

So here are some of the reasons why we love and will miss this whine-y, hamster-y, talented, Grandpa Gyu:

His confidence level is off the charts….



….but he’s always ready to take a self-deprecating shot at himself

He’s the self-proclaimed smartest member of the bunch, and yet…

Then there’s also this:

But he does have his genius moments too:

He lives up to his nickname of Grandpa Gyu

…so much so that it amazes Lee Kyung Kyu, someone who is practically 30 years older than him.