Ryu Jun Yeol sat down for an interview on May 17 to talk about his new movie “Believer.”

During his interview, Ryu Jun Yeol shared his experience of working with the late Kim Joo Hyuk. The older actor had taken part in the movie before he passed away in 2017 in a tragic car accident. In “Believer,” Kim Joo Hyuk plays the role of drug lord Jin Ha Rim who controls the Asian drug market. Ryu Jun Yeol takes on the part of Rock, a man who has been abandoned by his drug cartel.

“I saw him for a short period of time in ‘Believer,’ but he was a warm-hearted senior,” Ryu Jun Yeol said. “He generally didn’t talk a lot. No matter what I asked him, he always gave me an answer warmly.”

The actor Ryu Jun Yeol works with the most in “Believer” is Jo Jin Woong. He plays Won Ho, the detective who would do anything to bring down the drug cartel. As Won Ho teams up with Rock to reach this goal, the bromance between the two will add fun to the movie.

“Believer” boasts an impressive cast besides Kim Joo Hyuk and Jo Jin Woong that includes Cha Seung Won, Park Hae Joon, Kim Sung Ryung, Jin Seo Yeon, Kim Dong Young, and Lee Joo Young.

Regarding working with many experienced actors, Ryu Jun Yeol said, “The senior actors were acting with so much passion that I was watching with my mouth open. I can usually expect what kind of characters will appear when we read the scripts together, but the senior actors kept it unexpectedly dry during the script reading.” He continued, “When I saw how prepared they were on set, I thought, ‘Ryu Jun Yeol, you have a long way to go.’ I think the director was very pleased with that kind of thing.”

“Believer” premieres in theaters on May 22.

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