Every year, BTS celebrates their debut anniversary with ARMY through an event called BTS Festa. This annual celebration usually starts on June 1 and lasts until the boys’ debut date, June 13.

Throughout the years, ARMY have been spoiled with all sorts of juicy Bangtan content as celebratory gifts, ranging from the annual radio show to a collection of commemorative photos, members’ self-written profiles, as well as musical releases and choreographies.

Starting in 2016, BTS introduced a small yet meaningful themed party segment which was added to the Festa ritual ever since. During this ceremony, the boys gather with their fans to talk about their growth during the passing year while holding stage performances, playing games, and sharing their thoughts and future goals.

As we celebrate BTS’s fifth anniversary today, let’s take a walk down memory lane to look back on some of the most memorable Festa moments to date!

Picture-perfect moments

Every year, the boys release a series of photo albums showing never-before-seen footages from their photoshoots, MV sets, and backstage breaks to name a few.

Furthermore, some of the most nostalgic takes have got to be the photo sessions below from 2015 and 2017 Festa, respectively. In these pictures, the boys are lined up in the chronological order of their title track releases, wearing different outfits that represent their previous MV concepts. Have fun guessing which era every member is representing!

Finally, the family portrait is a yearly tradition that completes the Festa pictorial. As we admire the palpable evolution between their very first and latest photograph, the boys surely knew a major glow-up.

The annual radio show ritual

BTS “Kkul” FM 06.13 is a visual radio talk show that first aired on the boys’ 100th debut anniversary. Hosted by Suga as the resident MC, and after an additional episode where the boys celebrated Christmas, the show later became a permanent segment on the Festa calendar.

During the hour-long show, the BTS members tell anecdotes from the previous year, and share their resolutions and wishes for what’s to come. They also exchange letters, tease each other, and listen to some of their songs during breaks. Also, you get to enjoy the show immediately after its release since BigHit Entertainment provides the English subtitles!

To see where it all started, catch Suga’s amazing MC skills on BTS’s very first birthday edition, where you can witness a comical collection of the boys’ individual commercials among many other treats.