Ha Suk-jin cleans away your worries in Your House Helper

KBS’s new healing drama Your House Helper dropped a teaser and a few posters, which all feature one very simple but pleasing concept: Ha Suk-jin (Radiant Office) tidying up your life in more ways than one. The teaser is almost like a commercial for a new cleaning detergent or something, the way he enters the messy home and begins to clean every nook and cranny. But this time the ad is for the pretty boy housekeeper, not his cleaning supplies, and it even shows him metaphorically cleaning away the words “worry” and “regret” as he sweeps and polishes. “I will clean your heart. Your house helper,” he narrates in voiceover.

The drama is based on a webtoon of the same name and stars Ha Suk-jin as an unlikely housekeeper—he’s the son of a wealthy political family who stood up to his parents and got disowned for sticking to his principles, and ends up working as a “house helper” who fixes career women’s messy homes and messy lives. Cosmic Girls’ Bona (Lingerie Girls’ Generation) is set to co-star as an ambitious intern at an ad agency and one of his clients. The hero supposedly has a gruff personality, but this is described as a “life healing drama,” and from what we see here he’s nothing but sweet and smiley and soothing, so I have hopes that he’ll have some interesting layers.

The production comes from PD Jeon Woo-sung of the uplifting underdog drama Strongest Deliveryman and writer Kim Ji-sun, one of the junior writers on The Producers. I think we can expect laughter and genuine healing from this team, so the adaptation seems to be in good hands.

Your House Helper will air on Wednesdays and Thursdays in the time slot following Suits, and premieres July 4.