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With two episodes remaining, “Suits” actors Jang Dong Gun and Park Hyung Sik have shared what they think viewers should watch out for as their drama comes to an end.

In last week’s episode, the storyline became more exciting as Choi Kang Suk (played by Jang Dong Gun) and Go Yeon Woo (played by Park Hyung Sik) faced a crisis together.

Choi Kang Suk was the one responsible for the lawsuits filed against himself as well as the law firm Kang & Ham, which also showed a possibility of a shift in Choi Kang Suk and Go Yeon Woo’s relationship.

Jang Dong Gun said, “Our drama told the story of the Choi Kang Suk and Go Yeon Woo meeting, then facing and solving various incidents in their own way. Through this process, the two men slowly changed each other. I think it would be good to watch how Choi Kang Suk changed through Go Yeon Woo and how Go Yeon Woo changed through Choi Kang Suk.”

Park Hyung Sik stated, “We stand at a crossroads at every moment, just like how Go Yeon Woo chose to take the opportunity given to him by Choi Kang Suk. You have to think about the cost of this choice. ’Suits’ has the valuable message that you should rethink your own destiny and opportunity.”

“Suits” will air its final two episodes on June 13 and 14 at 10 p.m. KST.

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