Esom up to romance Seo Kang-joon for Third Charm

Esom, Seo Kang-joon

Esom, who made an impression last year in the tvN rom-com Because This Life Is Our First, is looking to fill the leading lady role in an upcoming drama titled Third Charm. Given that she’s the third actress to be considered for this role (at least, the third name who’s been publicly bandied about), this is prime opportunity to hope that the third time’s the charm. (Pause for groans.)

Seo Kang-joon is also in the mix (some outlets are reporting him as being cast, others state that he’s considering), and looks ready to pack his busy schedule even tighter. His most recent project to be released, Are You Human Too, was pre-produced and has been done with filming for a while now, but given that it only just started broadcasting, it seems like the guy never takes a break.

Third Charm comes from veteran PD Pyo Min-su, who has a number of hits to his name, such as entertainment-world-themed The Producers, entertainment-world-themed The World They Live In, bubbly rom-com Flower Boy Ramyun Shop, breezy rom-com You’ve Fallen For Me, and international sensation Full House.

This drama is described as a romantic comedy that’ll show us “real dating” between a couple, which I might have interpreted as a specifically realistic approach if we hadn’t already seen what passed for “reality” in The Producers. That is to say, not very realistic; I’m expecting standard rom-com here, not that that’s bad, I don’t know why some people keep trying to run away from that.

The other actresses who were at one point up for the leading role include Chun Woo-hee (The Wailing) and Sooyoung (Man Who Sets the Table), who both passed. Esom has reportedly received the offer and is considering it positively. I’d love to see her headline a rom-com after seeing how she rocked her sidekick role in Because This Life Is Our First, and while I’m not entirely sure this is a pairing that gets me excited, I’m willing to give it a shot.

Writing are Park Eun-young of the 2006 film Maundy Thursday and Park Hee-kwon, who has writing credit on the film The Flu. It is aiming to secure a 16-episode run on JTBC later this year.

Via TV Report, Hankook Ilbo, Osen


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