While they may not be the first co-ed K-pop group to exist, KARD surely put the concept back on the map. With a fresh and innovative attire, BM, J.Seph, Somin, and Jiwoo quickly snatched K-pop fans’ hearts since their very first pre-debut appearance with their radiant aura. Moreover, they have received notable attention overseas, which further validates their solid entrance into the music industry.

As their work earned them the Rookie Award at the 2017 Asia Artist Awards, this is only the beginning for a group that has secured a promising musical career. With their flawless appeal and their tropical style, which has been constantly setting our playlists on fire, we can’t help but get swooned by everything they deliver.

To celebrate their very first anniversary, here are 10 times KARD captivated us with their overflowing charisma!

1. KARD’s impressive debut song “Oh NaNa”

“Oh NaNa” is the co-ed group’s first wild card, and they didn’t hold back! The hit song surely made a name for KARD, as it spread like wildfire amongst the K-pop community and made everyone curious about this newest addition to the Korean music industry. The MV for “Oh NaNa” currently counts at 29 Million views, which is huge for a pre-debut song that basically introduced KARD’s unique signature!

Catch the spectacular live performance of the song as part of KARD’s official debut!