Aside from the packed schedules and extensive training, idols usually take part in side activities to blow off steam. Sometimes, their time off comes at a price when they find themselves as the main characters of a hilarious prank, often pulled by their fellow band members, idol friends, or their staff either on variety or reality shows.

Although they’re caught off guard at first, these easy-going celebrities embrace the joke and soon join in on the fun. Here are 12 hilarious pranks that idols fell victim to!

1. The card game prank – Super Junior’s Eunhyuk

After a heated set of the Korean card game “Go-Stop,” Eunhyuk realized that there were missing cards, which made him wonder where they got the set from. Donghae made use of the moment to make his scaredy friend believe that he found the card game at his home and that he thinks the house is haunted.