Kim Sun-ah, Lee Yi-kyung tapped for MBC drama Red Moon, Blue Sun

MBC has announced a new series, Red Moon, Blue Sun, to follow its brand-spankin’-new Wednesday-Thursday drama My Secret Terrius (which premiered this week), and has secured Kim Sun-ah (Should We Kiss First) to headline, along with Lee Yi-kyung (Investigation Couple). That’s an interesting pairing, and makes me curious to see how they’ll fit into the plot.

Red Moon, Blue Sun describes itself broadly as starting with “an accident that’s too short to so completely change one’s life.” A woman’s life is ruined as a result, and the drama follows the process of finding out the truth through confronting several incidents. That’s so vague that it’s not very helpful, but we have more details in the character descriptions, starting with Kim Sun-ah’s consultant character. She works at a children’s center and enjoys life with a satisfying workplace, caring husband, affectionate daughter, and a second child on the way. However, she gets caught up in a huge incident that cracks open her stable and comfortable life.

Lee Yi-kyung’s character, on the other hand, is a detective in the violent crimes unit who doesn’t necessarily seem like a particularly righteous or duty-driven officer, and might even occasionally seem like an unemployed slacker, but is actually a decent and determined cop. Contrary to his lax-seeming image, when he does land on something that grabs his attention, he focuses his efforts with a surprising tenacity.

This is described as Lee Yi-kyung’s first leading role, which will be a nice step up for him after playing so many memorable best friends and sidekicks. He has a comedic flair that often makes his characters ridiculous in a lovable way, but I’ve always thought he could do well in drama too, and I’ll be looking to see more of that side of him. And Kim Sun-ah, as we all know, is basically fantastic in everything and ought to bring her formidable charisma to this role.

I’m also perking up at the creative team, which consists of PD Choi Jung-kyu of Two Weeks, the action thriller that I found absolutely heart-pounding and riveting (and not only because of Lee Jun-ki! I’m not that shallow!). PD Choi also directed Hwajeong, Triangle, and Horse Doctor… but I won’t let that get me down. Writing is Do Hyun-kyung, who doesn’t write dramas very often but has always intrigued me when she does, as with the intense relationship drama Que Sera Sera and the eerie mystery-thriller Village: Secret of Achiara. With those credits, I’m hoping for something intense and dark.

Red Moon, Blue Sun will be 16 episodes long and premieres in November.

Via IS Plus, iMBC


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