Jung Il-Woo considers post-army comeback in fusion sageuk

Boy, does time fly! Jung Il-woo (Cinderella and the Four Knights, Records of a Night Watchman) will be discharged from the army this year and the actor is said to be considering an offer for a fusion sageuk drama titled Haechi. His agency has confirmed that the offer is being considered, but stressed that nothing has been finalized as Jung Il-woo is still completing his term in public service.

Haechi is set to premiere in the spring of 2019 on SBS and Jung Il-woo is considering the role of Prince Yeoning, the son of a commoner and the king. Prince Yeoning teams up with a band of misfits as he jockeys for power as an illegitimate son of the crown. The drama will focus on themes of justice and good versus evil while borrowing from Korean mythology.

The title of the drama is a nod to a mythical creature from Korean legend. The haechi, which appear in a combined form of a lion, sheep, and unicorn, were fierce guardians that were said to ward off fire and natural disaster. Stone haechi figures were often placed in palaces to protect against these elements. If you visit Gyeongbokgung Palace in Seoul, you can still see some haechi figures at the palace entrance.

Writer Kim Yi-young is something of a sageuk heavy hitter; her previous works include the classic sageuk dramas Dong Yi and Yi San. Haechi is her first project since 2015’s Hwajung, so anticipation is bound to be strong for the drama.

Jung Il-woo will be discharged in early December, and regardless of which drama he chooses to make his comeback project, we can look forward to seeing him back on the small screen in the near future.

Via Seoul Kyungje, SBS


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