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Go Back Spouses

By Cloggie

It’s always tough to say goodbye at the end of a drama to characters we loved and followed for 16 episodes. But what’s even tougher is when there is no goodbye. When all that the beloved characters get is just one sentence, or an image of them looking glum, or they’re totally forgotten about as the drama focuses on cute scenes between the OTP, neglecting those characters who aren’t the Chosen Ones.

Yes, I’m talking about the second leads. We have followed their stories and their quest to find love, only to find it ultimately doomed. With some of my favorite second leads in recent dramas, I’m left wondering what had happened to them after they’ve been turned down. And. They. Don’t. Tell. You.

This is how I feel about endings like that for our second leads…

You Who Forgot Poetry

Let’s face it: just because the boy or girl you fancy actually ends up with someone else doesn’t mean your life is over! It just feels like that for a few weeks (or months). I want to fix this by using three epilogues to show you what happened to three of our second leads after they got over their heartbreak.

Epilogue 1: You Who Forgot Poetry

Min-ho has come to realize that patients are important and that he really should be studying hard. In a montage, we see him and Nam-woo with books, working with patients and then graduating. Then, Min-ho gets a call from his mum asking him to come for a buffet dinner in the hotel. He’s short with her and says he’s got plans with Nam-woo. “Oh, is that your friend who graduated top of your class? Bring him as well.” Min-ho tells Nam-woo he doesn’t want to go because it’s probably for his brother’s birthday, but it’s free dinner. That makes it an easy decision for Nam-woo. Once they get there, Min-ho is surprised that his brother isn’t actually there. His mum tells him that they wanted to buy him dinner because he graduated.

“Now that you’ve graduated, we would like to offer you and your friend a job in our hospital,” his father says. “Your mum and I… we’re proud of you.” Min-ho is shocked and waits for his father to say “Just kidding!” like he always does. And then is very happy when he sees they are serious. Nam-woo can only just control his tears when he realizes he’s got a job at last.

Look at Min-ho being super-happy that Cloggie fixed his life.

You Who Forgot Poetry

Epilogue 2: Are You Human Too

After Ye-na redeemed herself from “annoying second lead” status and recorded her murderer father on her phone in the last episode, all she got as an ending was this: We’re told she’s moved in with her mum in Boston and rarely leaves the house.

I want to know more — because how is that fair to the girl?

Luckily, in the epilogue we will find out that this was just a lie that the minion told her father to throw him off her trail. Because really, she’s perfectly happy with the outcome that the guy who tried to kill her fiancé is now in prison.

Are You Human Too

She’s gone through a tough time after Nam-shin broke their engagement but now, a year later, she’s thrown herself into her new career as a wedding planner. She’s well-known for her no-nonsense approach towards people throwing tantrums when the flowers aren’t exactly the way they wanted them to be. Girl doesn’t stand for any of that nonsense.

Her connections to the Rich and Famous have made her the event organizer to use. The epilogue shows grateful families happy with the results. She tells them with a smile that marriage is no longer for her, but she wants other people’s weddings to be as perfect as they can be.

Epilogue 3: Go Back Spouses

At the end of Go Back Spouses, I was really left wondering what happened to Nam-gil. Sure, we see him with a kid, but what I really wanted to know was: Is he still a CEO earning 60 billion won?

In this epilogue we find out a bit more about what happened to him.

Go Back Spouses

Jin-joo and Ban-do are watching TV, their child between them, when Nam-gil comes on the screen. In an interview, he’s asked why he became such a highly successful CEO of a company with a 60 billion won turnover. He explains that what really shaped his success was his relationship with his family. His stepmother became important to him after high school and his tight friendships have made all of this possible.

He tells the amusing story about how he used to be a total square before he got absorbed into this crazy group of friends and he ultimately joined their movie club. He really got into movies and he and his then girlfriend (now his wife) went through a phase of dressing up like Korean versions of scenes from famous American movies.

Come Here and Hug Me

They went to New York for a few years but he wanted to keep in touch with his family and friends. He still wanted to watch movies with them even though they now lived in different cities. He developed an app that let people from all over the world watch movies together and comment. As he lived in New York, he called it Bun.NY. So that’s how he became rich because of his weird group of friends.

Jin-joo and Ban-do smile. They know that even without them, he would have been rich and successful. Just then, they get a text from Nam-gil. “Did you see me?” And then: “Anybody up for a Bun.ny watch of this new drama?”

As you can see, all three of our second leads went on to lead a happy life. I wished that the dramas had showed us this… but it’s okay, because Cloggie fixed it.

Are You Human Too


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