Actress Jang Hee Jin has been cast as the female lead in TV Chosun’s new drama “Babel.”

“Babel” tells the story of a prosecutor who gives up everything for revenge and an actress whose life becomes ruined after she marries into a chaebol family.

Park Shi Hoo was cast in October as the prosecutor, Cha Woo Hyuk, who is prosecuting the actress as the lead suspect in her husband’s murder case. Jang Hee Jin will be playing the role of the actress, Han Jung Won, who was an A-list celebrity before marrying a chaebol and becoming the main suspect in his murder.

In a statement, Jang Hee Jin said, “I am grateful and happy to be part of such a great project. I feel a sense of responsibility and I will put a lot of thought and research into showing the proper appearance. I will work hard to create a precious drama that will last in the memories of viewers for a long time.”

Jang Hee Jin has previously appeared in dramas like “You Are Too Much” and “On the Way to the Airport,” as well as the variety shows “Little Too Crazy” and “Follow Me.”

“Babel” will be directed by Yoon Sung Shik, whose previous projects include “Hwarang” and “You Are the Best.” It is scheduled to premiere in January 2019.

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