In a new video released on December 5, tvN’s “Encounter” shares extras from behind the scenes, including some funny bloopers.

In the first scene, Park Bo Gum makes a mistake in his line to Song Hye Kyo, and when they try again, they immediately burst out laughing at the same time.

Park Bo Gum then puts his best drunk face on, shooting a scene where he’s at a company dinner. Later, drunk in the car with Song Hye Kyo, the actress compliments the actor, saying, “He’s really good at acting drunk.”

In another scene, Park Bo Gum gets in a car, and as Song Hye Kyo is walking around to the passenger side, the director yells “No, no, no! Again again again!” Alarmed, Song Hye Kyo turns around, and the director says, “Bogummy is passing by,” pointing at a truck driving by with one of Park Bo Gum’s ads on the side.

The director jokes, “Bogummy went by! This is because of him!”

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