Gyeonggi Disaster and Safety Headquarters Apologizes for Leak of Info About Sulli's Death

Jung Yo Ahn, the officer in charge of the monitoring and auditing department, said, “It is very shameful and disappointing that internal information was leaked externally by firefighters, who must show model behavior as public servants and show integrity as they serve to protect the lives and property of citizens.” He went on, “The information Continue Reading

f(x)'s Krystal Stayed on Sulli's Wake for 3 days to Show Her Deepest Grief

The former member of f(x)’s Krystal is revealed to have stayed by Sulli’s wake for 3 days to show her deepest grief for the death of her friend and former bandmate. Many of Sulli’s celebrity friends in and out of the entertainment industry have left messages of grief on social media, but former bandmate Krystal has not commented online Continue Reading

Comeback of MONSTA X Released MV for 'Someone's Someone'

Today October 16, MONSTA X has released their music video for “Someone’s Someone”! Both of the tracks are in English, “Someone’s Someone” has a calm ballad melody compared to their hit dance track “Who Do U Love?” featuring French Montana earlier this year. On the video track, MONSTA X has shown a beautiful MV that takes the members from the beach to under umbrellas Continue Reading

Latest Album Cover of Wengie and (G)IDLE's Minnie was Released for 'Empire'

On October 16, (G)I-DLE’s Minnie and Wengie released album cover for the collaboration on the track “Empire” and they are killing it with fierce fairy concepts. The two are seen sitting on thrones and giving off major girl crush vibes in contrasting black and white outfits. It seems like they will have a banger in store for us that shows Continue Reading

'Mr. House Husband' Featured F.T. Island Minhwan's shared Wweet Words to Wife Yulhee

On the recent episode of ‘Mr. House Husband 2″, F.T. Island Minhwan’s showed sweet words that touched Yulhee.  Minhwan got some parenting advice from comedian Park Sung Ho, last October 16th installment of the reality show. While Yulhee takes a break from looking after their baby son. Currently, Yulhee is pregnant with their twins, it seems Minhwan wanted to allow her Continue Reading

Autopsy Results of Sulli's Death Released By the Police

Today October 16, KST, Sulli’s full autopsy results were released by the police including the drug response to take a few days thereafter they will close the case if no anomaly surface. Representatives from Gyeonggi Sungnam District Police Office announce the autopsy on the late singer/actress. The police immediately confirmed that there were no external injuries Continue Reading

The Intricate Web Of Relationships Woven In Episodes 5-6 Of “Melting Me Softly”

Maybe it’s because “Melting Me Softly” stroke a better tonal balance this week (less whiplash-y), or maybe it’s because my expectations have been adjusted, but this week’s episodes have been the most enjoyable out of the three weeks so far! Yay for progress! That being said, other than a (failed) kidnapping by two very incompetent thugs, barely anything happens Continue Reading