Cast additions announced for MBC drama Red Moon, Blue Sun

Cast additions announced for MBC drama Red Moon, Blue Sun by stroopwafel Na Young-hee, Joo Seok-tae, Yeon Je-hyung The supporting cast is shaping up nicely for the upcoming mystery thriller drama, Red Moon, Blue Sun. The leads, Kim Sun-ah (Should We Kiss First) and Lee Yi-kyung (Woohoo Waikiki) had been confirmed previously, and as the Continue Reading

Kim Jong Min And Hwang Mi Na Reveal Their Thoughts On Marriage

Reality show couple Kim Jong Min and Hwang Mi Na recently spoke about the topic of marriage on TV Chosun’s “Taste of Dating” (literal title). On October 18, the dating variety program showed Kim Jong Min and Hwang Mi Na’s day together. Kim Jong Min parked his car outside of Hwang Mi Na’s office and waited Continue Reading

Lee Hye Young On How Thankful She Was To Ko So Young After Being Asked To Catch Bouquet At Wedding

On the October 18 broadcast of KBS2’s “Happy Together,” celebrity friends Kang Soo Jung, Hyun Young, Lee Hye Young, and Jung Sun Hee appeared as guests. Lee Hye Young revealed how she felt when her good friend Ko So Young was getting married and asked her to catch the bouquet. She said, “I had no Continue Reading

Yoon Jong-hwa joins Different Dreams as eugenicist surgeon

Yoon Jong-hwa joins Different Dreams as eugenicist surgeon by tineybeanie Yoon Jong-hwa (You’re Too Much) is joining the cast of the period drama Different Dreams. Commemorating the centennial anniversary of the establishment of Korea’s Provisional Government, this drama will show an adventurous and danger-fraught story of Korean freedom fighters across the impressive backdrops of Gyeongseong Continue Reading

“My Golden Life” And “I Live Alone” Receive KAA Awards

The Korea Advertisers Association (KAA) has announced this year’s winners of their Advertisers’ Choice — Great Program Award! Recipients of the Advertisers’s Choice — Great Program Award are chosen for being wholesome and informative programs that families can watch together, and also for having high ratings and advertising impact. Members of the KAA determine the winners through Continue Reading

Casting lineup for rich housewives drama SKY Castle

Casting lineup for rich housewives drama SKY Castle by tineybeanie Kim Dong-hee, Kim Bo-ra, Kwon Hwa-woon, Lee Hyun-jin Daaaangg, I am obsessed with this lineup of actors! But there’s a whole bunch of them, so hold onto your hats because this post is going to be a doozy. The latest casting confirmations for upcoming JTBC Continue Reading

Wanna One’s Lee Dae Hwi Has A Heartwarming Final Lesson With His Student On “Tutor”

On the October 18 episode of “Tutor,” Wanna One’s Lee Dae Hwi spent his last day with his student, Dayeon. Asking Dayeon when her interview is and when they would release the results, Lee Dae Hwi told her to contact him no matter what if she passes. In his interview, Lee Dae Hwi said, “It’s Continue Reading

Go Jun Hee And Song Sae Byuk Cast In Upcoming OCN Drama

Go Jun Hee and Song Sae Byuk will be working together in upcoming OCN drama “Possessed” (literal translation). “Possessed” is a comic thriller about a wicked soul who possesses humans to commit crimes. Fate connects a detective with strong gut instincts and a woman who was born with the powers of a psychic, but does Continue Reading

Beauty Inside: Episode 6

Beauty Inside: Episode 6 by dramallama The transformation hijinks are in full swing, and it’s everything that we needed to build the romance. You wouldn’t think that a cameo of the opposite sex could be this compatible, but it’s absolutely fitting for the dynamics of our fake couple in denial. As they begin to realize Continue Reading

Moon Chae Won And Go Doo Shim Reveal What Drew Them To “Mama Fairy And The Woodcutter”

Moon Chae Won and Go Doo Shim, who play the same role in “Mama Fairy and the Woodcutter,” recently shared the reason behind choosing the drama as their next project. tvN’s upcoming Monday-Tuesday drama “Mama Fairy and the Woodcutter” tells the story of a fairy who has been waiting for her husband to reincarnate for 699 Continue Reading

Easy Beauty Tips And Tricks From “Get It Beauty”

“Get It Beauty” is one of South Korea’s most OG beauty-related shows. First aired in 2006, “Get It Beauty” has amassed a large following of women who keep up with the program in hopes of learning new tips about everything K-beauty! You’re bound to learn something new with every episode, and with them having multiple Continue Reading

The Guest: Episode 10

The Guest: Episode 10 by odilettante Park Il-do: man, myth, or legend? That’s the question our trio attempt to answer as they track down more information about this mysterious and terrifying spirit. Hwa-pyung also realizes his family has some skeletons in the closet and has to come to terms with what it means to see Continue Reading

8 C-Drama Couples With Amazing Chemistry On And Off Screen

Sometimes it does the heart good to know that your favorite on-screen couples get along in real life. Does it make a difference in their acting? Maybe, maybe not – who knows? It’s probably not too much of a difference if they are talented and professional. But there’s just something extra gratifying about knowing that these Continue Reading

Kim So Hyun Confirmed For Lead Role In Netflix Drama Adaptation Of Popular Webtoon

Kim So Hyun will be leading a drama! Her agency E&T Story confirmed on October 18 that Kim So Hyun accepted the offer to star in Netflix’s “Love Alarm.” Based on a popular webtoon, the drama is about people who still want to know each other’s true thoughts and feelings while living in a society where an app that lets users Continue Reading

Player: Episode 5

Player: Episode 5 by Regals We spend this hour delving into the past to learn a little more about what’s driving our heroes forward. Even still, there’s no time to rest for our team. There are more targets to bring down and a huge web of corruption to unravel.  EPISODE 5: “It’s just getting started” Continue Reading