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Lee Joon Gi Spotted Helping Out The Production Staff On “Lawless Lawyer”

2018-05-22 20:04:14 2018-05-22 20:04:14 Display.Sharethrough.Soompi.1x1 Lee Joon Gi’s passion (and heart of gold) knows no bounds! See Also: Lee Joon Gi Smiles In Handcuffs And...

10 Times Korean Celebrities Blessed Us With Great Life Advice

More often than not, Korean celebrities reach out to us through their heartfelt music with deep lyrics or their inspiring messages through dramas, films, or...

“The Miracle We Met” And “Partners For Justice” See Increase In Ratings

2018-05-22 18:20:19 2018-05-22 18:20:18 Display.Sharethrough.Soompi.1x1 Monday-Tuesday dramas continue to delight viewers in different ways! See Also: 2PM's Junho Looks Beat Up And Defeated In New...

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